Kaepernick to the Packers?

Annnnd here we go again.  First off, this is the first time I’ve ever written anything other than a term paper so cut me some slack.  Now let’s get into my thoughts on the peculiar situation we are in.  I liked Brett Hundley going into 2015 NFL Draft even ahead of Winston and Mariota.  I always viewed Mariota as more of a system quarterback that needed an offense designed around his abilities not where he could thrive in any system.  I liked Winston as a pure football players, but never viewed him as someone that could carry a franchise.  Hundley was always going to be a draft and develop guy.  He played in a pro-style offense, has size, and arm strength, but needed time to learn how to read defenses.  The other two had to start from day 1 and with Packers having Aaron Rodgers could afford to develop Hundley.  With Rodgers going down Sunday, it’s halted the development phase.  This is the type of situation that I always fear for quarterbacks.  This is the situation where their confidence is made.  As many of us saw Sunday, Hundley is not ready to lead a team in the NFL.  Yes, he was under pressure.  Yes, he didn’t take first team reps in practice.  Yes, they made conservative play calls (get back to that later).  Despite all of that, you could still tell he’s not out of his development phase.  This was a team bound for the Super Bowl even with our poor defense.  After the game against Dallas, I felt that this team was going to get 1 or 2 seed in the playoffs.  They just gave me the ‘this is it’ feeling.  Then, BAM!  Aaron Rodgers goes down ending a lot of Packer fans hopes.

As of this post, Rodgers hasn’t been declared out for the season.  I’m not sure how long he’s going to be out, but I don’t expect him to play again until the playoffs.  After he went down, everyone on Twitter was calling for the Tony Romo to be the savior of the season.  Have you seen the offensive line?  I don’t think Tony is going to come out from the booth to get demolished every week.  We need a mobile quarterback that can elude defenders and make plays with his feet.  Now, you can say anything about Kaepernick off field situation, but I watched him single handedly destroy the Packers, in the playoffs (TWICE!).  If there was a way to keep the off field distractions, off field.  Then, I have no problem with Kaepernick coming in the for the rest of the season to try to get us to the playoffs.  We need a veteran guy that has been in this type of situation before.  He would help with the banged up offensive line.  He would make the defense respect the run and the pass so they can’t just sit back for Hundley to throw picks to.

I realize that Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy won’t do this.  They like to ‘stick to their own guys’.  So what do we do then?  McCarthy has to make the reads easier for Hundley.  Let him throw on 1st and 2nd down, which are less pressure downs than 3rd down.  On Sunday, McCarthy let him down.  Run on 1st and 2nd down, which the defense knew was coming, then throw on 3rd down expecting Hundley to move the ball the field.  Now, the real play calling ability is going to be tested for McCarthy.  He’s not going to have Rodgers to read the defense and change the play at the line.  He’s not going to have Rodgers draw defenses offside or get them with 12 men on the field to continue drives.  The yardage and scoring is going to fall on his shoulders to help this team win.  More importantly, it’s going to help the confidence of Hundley moving forward.

I still have faith that we will get to our 9th consecutive playoff berth.  If can squeak by at home against the Saints, then get healthy on our bye, we will have a shot to get into the playoffs.  The only question is, who is going to lead us there?

I hope you liked reading! Tell me your thoughts whether it’s about what the Packers should do or what I can improve on.




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  1. They have to give Hundley a chance. He won’t be successful if they don’t shore up pass protection and a run game. If they are serious about trying to get into the playoffs they’ll need to sign plan B if Hundley doesn’t pan out. It’s a matter of who’d be willinh to settle for the backup role at first. Kaep seems like the type of guy who would perhaps do that, maybe even Romo, but I don’t see either happening and it would surprise me if the Packers even went that route. We will now see what a mess of an organization this franchise actually is. I hope I’m proven wrong.

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    • Oh I know they need to give him a chance. McCarthy has 3 years invested in hundley. But with the plan B this is the week to bring him in. Let him learn the offense the next 3 weeks with seeing what hundley has against the saints.


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