HIDE YOUR WIFES, HIDE YOUR SISTERS, HIDE YOUR DAUGHTERS! Big Dick Eldrick is back, baby!  I know I know, you’ve heard this story before “Tiger returns from injury”.  Heck, we just saw this around this time last year.  I hope this time is different.  Golf is better when Tiger is out there competing.  Tiger is why people my age first picked up a club.  I remember when my dad bought me my first set of clubs.  He bought me the Nike set with a Nike bag.  To top it off, he bought a Tiger driver head cover just like he had, back in the day.  I’m still hanging on the hope that he passes Jack Nicklaus’s record for most majors.

As much as I still like golf, the guys competing don’t seem to have the same drive as Tiger did.  Tiger spent 281 weeks (CONSECUTIVELY) as the world’s number 1 golfer.  It seems the guys today have a really good year, get to the number one spot, then falter the next season (i.e. Rory McIlroy).  Don’t get me wrong, I love the Dustin Johnson’s, the Rickie Fowler’s and the Justin Thomas’s of the world, but did you ever see Tiger spending vacation with Phil Mickelson? No.  Tiger spent his time with a local waitress so he was loose the next day.

Welcome back, Tiger!



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