Skip Bayless is the Worst Person in Sports


For the umpteenth time, Skip Bayless has proven to be the WORST person in the sports industry.  Instead of wishing Heyward a speedy recovery this guy uses it to take a shot at LeBron.  The Celtics and Heyward were going to have a big year.  Not saying Celtics season is over by any means, but it was a huge blow 5 minutes into their season.  The rest of the sports world was reeling after that injury.  You could see it in the Cavs faces, the Celtics faces, and even every fan that they showed in the arena last night how they felt after what just transpired.  Even me, I had to turn the game off.  I couldn’t watch another second of last nights game because I was gutted.  I have no idea how the teams were able to continue.  Yet, this guy sends that tweet out of anything he could’ve said.  Save that for your show the next day or here’s an idea DON’T SAY THAT AT ALL you heartless troll.  I hope this is what (finally) ends you once and for all.

Let’s start the movement of #endofskipbayless so the troll can’t go into hiding.

My thoughts are with you Gordon.  I hope you have a speedy recovery and are able to come back stronger.



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