NFL and the National Anthem

I didn’t want to write about my views on this, but I think it’s time to write something about it.

I am all for the players exercising their right to protest.  From day 1, it’s never been about disrespecting our military.  Military personnel are fighting for their rights and to keep their freedom to express the views.  The players are trying to create a dialogue with what’s happening in cities everywhere.  You can turn on the news and hear about another police shooting of an unarmed black person.  That’s not what I want to get into though.

Do you know that before 2009 some NFL teams didn’t even come out for the national anthem?  Do you know that they inserted this because the NFL was getting PAID by the government?  Yes, the government PAYS the NFL to show appreciation for our military.  The fly overs, the military personnel on the field before the game, and that’s right: to play the national anthem.


The whole reason why they even pay tribute to our military personnel is because the US Government spent tax payer dollars as a marketing ploy to recruit.  After all of what’s going on, why has that not been said?  Roger the clown not want that out there?  NFL should not take tax payer dollars to honor our military.  That is absurd to me.

Now, instead of boycotting the NFL because “you respect the military”, why not listen or research what is behind the movement?

I’ll leave you with this:  It started with a couple players here and there showing some form of protest.  Then, the “leader” of the free word calls all of them “sons of bitches”.  If someone (in that context) calls me that, I wouldn’t stand (see what i did there) idly by and let him get away with it.



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