Red Sox

Alex Cora: The New Boston Red Sox Manager

A new chapter in the Red Sox storied history is about to begin (once Astros are eliminated).  After the Red Sox were eliminated from the playoffs, Dave Dombrowski said they would not renew John Farrell’s contract for next season.  There were a lot of Red Sox nation that were calling for Farrell’s job a long time ago.  After being swept out of the playoffs last year and nearly this year, it was time for Farrell to go.  Whether you were a fan of Farrell or not, he gave us a couple years to be proud of, but also gave us a lot to be disappointed about.

Now, there’s going to a new sheriff in town.  He goes by the name of Alex Cora.  Sound familiar?  Well he should.  Cora played for the Red Sox from 2006-2008 while winning a World Series in 2007 with the team.  Some fans might wonder, why are we hiring someone with no managerial experience (in the MLB)?  The simple answer:  He connects with the young players.  He will be able to bring the team together and connect with the core of JBJ, Mookie, Xander, Benny and Devers.  Do you see how well the Astros young core mesh?  That’s what he’ll bring to the clubhouse.  He’ll also bring a winning culture.  He knows what it takes to win, as a player.

Personally, I like the hire.  I’d rather have a rather unknown commodity come in that will bring this group together than someone such as Brad Ausmus.  We know what Ausmus brings to the table because of what he did in Detroit.  Ron Gardenhire was also a candidate.  Well, he’s the next manager for the Tigers.

There’s a lot to be excited about next season.  Hopefully, we don’t have to rely on Sale as much and Price returns to form.  I think the pressure of being the reigning Cy Young award winner got to Porcello so he’ll be looking for a bounce back year.  The only question now: Who is Dombrowski bringing in to get our power back?  Joey Bats on the cheap? Bring in Hosmer? Dealing Dave going for Stanton?  Exciting times ahead to be a Red Sox fan.



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