Good News: Lonzo balled out. Bad News: Makes Lavar talk

To start this one off, I despise Lavar Ball.  Just getting that out there.

After starting his NBA career on a horrible game, Lonzo bounced back with 29-11-9 game last night.  I do have to say it was a nice game, but you have to remember it was against the Suns.  Yes, the same team that got beat by 48 points opening night.  Yes, the same team that set the record for the biggest opening night lost in NBA history.  So the question remains.. Is this the start of a great year/NBA career?

Now back to Lavar.  LET YOUR KIDS PLAY! I’ve never seen such an egotistical/narcissistic human being before.  It’s one thing to be your kids biggest supporter, but it’s a whole new level to what this guy brings it.  Fighting with the high school coaches, taking LaMelo out of school to home school him, demanding a billion dollars for a partnership for his brand, etc.  The list goes on.  I was hoping, once Lonzo made it to the NBA and got drafted by the Lakers, that he would stop his charade.  That’s not the case.  The guy could turn out to be a fraud.  Frankly, I’m waiting for Lonzo’s shoes to come out to prove that.  Not so his livelihood is taken away, but so maybe the guy with eat a piece of humble pie.  They already changed the shoe design (even though the design was a Kobe rip off) and they looked like the most uncomfortable pair of shoes ever! It should mean something, when the athlete, that the shoes were intended for won’t even wear them.

Ok Ok. I’m done with my Lavar Ball rant. I do hope for the best for Lonzo, though.  Here’s to a great career.


PS- This ones for you, Kevin.

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  1. I am here and it is time.
    Let me just say one thing before we get this started. There is nothing wrong with what Lavar is doing.
    Lavar and Lonzo are two totally different people. Lavar is his own man, Lonzo is his own man. Lonzo does what he wants, Lavar does what he wants. We all need to understand that first.
    Second, I really don’t think Magic Johnson or the Laker staff give a damn what Lavar has to say. Lavar isn’t that big of deal here, he’s a talker, not a do-er. He’s not out on the court having any impact on scoring or winning. It’s just talk. Don’t take this so literal people! Overall, Lavar is a good dad, he raised his kids to be decent humans. They aren’t committing any crimes, doing drugs, violent, etc. They are just kids.
    It will be interesting to see what Lonzo is like 2 years from now, either he will be good or he will be a bust. It’s to early to tell.
    Until then, let’s keep it going!

    Your welcome,


    • First off, you’re*. Secondly, you can tell that they are getting fed up with Lavar. Thirdly, tell that to the rest of the league when they’re gunning for Lonzo every night now (i.e. beverly, wall, etc.). If they were their own man, then why can’t Lavar just let Lonzo do work? Just let them play basketball. You did a good job getting them there. Now, it’s time for them to show that and for Lavar to sit down.


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