Can he do it?

Today’s the day! It’s been a week since Aaron Rodgers went down with a broken collarbone.  Every Packer fan, myself included, went straight to us signing a veteran quarterback to come in to start.  Hundley came into a difficult situation and didn’t perform, last week.  Well this ones different.  He has a week of practice with the 1st team offense and a game plan revolved around him.  So the question is, can he do it? Can he keep the Packers competitive enough to make the playoffs?

The answer is: Yes. I overreacted and wanted to sign someone to take over to get us to the promised land. I still think that we need a veteran to back him up, but I believe in Hundley. I’ve read some fans say we should pack it in.. play for a draft pick.. not our season anymore.. yadda yadda yadda.  First off, there’s never been a Packer team to just pack it in. We’re not the Cleveland Browns.  We don’t play for draft picks. Let’s rally behind Hundley and get us week 15. Then, we have the confidence and the momentum when Rodgers comes back. Think 2013, but better.

Let’s get this going cuzzo. GO PACK GO!



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