Is Mike McCarthy to blame?

Yesterday morning, I woke up to a Sunday that Packer fans don’t normally wake up to.  A Sunday where we were going to be starting a new quarterback.  This was an odd feeling, yet I was optimistic.  Finally, we aren’t the team that has the bulls-eye on their back.  We don’t have high expectations.  As much fun as it is, it gets tiring to underachieve.

I wrote earlier about what we should do as far as the quarterback position.  Some of it was an overreaction, but some of it proved true this weekend.  I still believe, in Hundley, but we need a veteran backup. If Hundley goes down, we’re going to leave the season up to Joe Callahan and an undrafted rookie? That cannot happen.

What also cannot happen is how McCarthy called the game yesterday.  It really brings the question back on if should be calling plays on offense.  The game started off great.  Long run for a touchdown followed by an interception.  What happened next was what begs the question.  2 runs for 9 yards.  That’s 84 yards on 6 carries.  What do we do on 3rd and 1? Throw.  It didn’t even look like the route was far enough, even if Adams caught it.  Whatever, that’s one possession wasted.  Next defensive possession. Davon House picks off Drew Brees.  So now it’s touchdown, pick, 3 and out, and pick.  Momentum is back on our side.

Here comes the offense.  Is that Ty Montgomery coming in? That’s fine.  Aaron Jones could use a little break. 2 run plays for 9 yards.  Now, Ty hasn’t looked healthy and a little hesitant to get hit.  Makes sense because he has broken ribs.  3rd and 1, again.  McCarthy calls another run.  Great call, but run goes to the outside for -3 yards.  Again, the run goes to the OUTSIDE for -3 yards.  I’m stopping here because that’s where the momentum goes back to the Saints.  Yes, we had another touchdown on a nice drive with Hundley scoring on a run.  Other than that, there’s not much to be desired by the way the game was called.

To me, Mike McCarthy failed Brett Hundley for his first career start.  The run game was a cruise control, where was the play action with simple throws? All of the play action plays were for deep throws.  He didn’t simplify the passing game for Hundley to get in any sort of rhythm. No, I’m not an NFL coach. No, I didn’t play in the NFL. I did sleep at a Holiday Inn Express last night, though. That gives me the right to criticize where I see fit. All of us Packer fans were worried about how Brett Hundley would do.  What no one thought about is how well Mike McCarthy would do.



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