Week 7 Recap: Fantasy Highs

Week 7 is in the books.  I had some highs and some lows when it comes to my teams performance this weekend.  Aside from that, let’s get into the hot topics:

Bears don’t need a quarterback:  Out of all the years that I’ve watched football, I have never seen anything like the Bears.  Week 6, they had their back up running back throw for a touchdown while having an interception for a touchdown to beat the Ravens.  This week, their offense doesn’t even score and THEY STILL WIN.  Trubisky, who played the whole game, threw 7 passes.  Yes, 7 passes and completing 4.  How do you win with that?

3 teams shutout: The Rams went to London and stomped the Cardinals 33-0.  Jaguars went to Indy to win 27-0 (without Fournette).  Then, the Chargers shut out the Broncos at home 21-0.  With those games, that snaps the two longest streaks of not being shutout.  Indy hasn’t been shutout since 1993 and the Broncos since 1992.  I WAS 3 YEARS OLD!  The only thing we had to worry about, in the Oval office, was Bill Clinton getting his rocks off (not with Hilary).  Also, Cleveland went to Baltimore and back.  This day, in the NFL, you don’t see shutouts often let alone having 3 in one week.

NFC North is wide open:  I predicted that the Packers were going to be able to sneak a win out against the Saints.  Well, I was wrong.  McCarthy messed that up.  If you don’t agree with that, then go kick rocks.  Vikings are leading now with a cupcake game against Cleveland.  If somehow Mike McCarthy gets his head out of his ass, then I think the Packers sneak up later this season.  Otherwise, I see this being Detroit’s division to win.  No team is winning with Keenum.

Patriots keep ‘little brother’ at bay:  What happened to the Falcons? More importantly, what happened to Matt Ryan?  Going into the game, the Patriots let up 6 straight 300 yard passers with one of those being Josh McCown.  Yet, Ryan barely hits for 200 with a lot coming in garbage time.  Tom Brady looks like he’s a man on a mission again this season.  Could it be his last?  I don’t think so, but there are whispers that he walks away if they can win #6.

Now the time you get to hear about how awesome I am at fantasy football:

I went 3-0 this weekend.  2 teams are 6-1 with 1 team 4-3.  All teams are leading or tied for the lead.  The 4-3 is NFC only with half the league tied at 4-3.

Picks recap from Week 7: 9-4

Bills- W

Vikings- W

Jets- L (should’ve won, but the Jets ‘Jet’d’ this game)

Rams- W

Jaguars- W

Packers- L

Panthers- L

Cowboys- W

Broncos- L

Steelers- W

Seahawks- W

Patriots- W

Eagles- W



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