I know it’s not sports.  I also know what you’re saying, “Derek, why would you post your NFL picks before reminding us about this?”.  I messed up.  I know, sorry.

We had to wait an extra 3 months for season 2 to come out.  It’s been a long 15 months coming.  I’ll probably hide in my room and watch it beginning to end in 1 night.  Exact same thing I did for season 1.  All I want to know is what the kids from Hawkins, IN have been up to since they defeated the Demogorgon (round 1).  The trailers look awesome.  I also like the costumes of the Ghost Busters they have on.  How long are we going to have to wait to know what happened to Eleven?  Will Barb make a return?  Is Will invested?  I WANT TO KNOW!!

Anyways, go on with your day.  Just wanted to do my due diligence to let you all know that it’s finally here.  For the ones that haven’t seen season 1, what are you doing?



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