College Football

I hate Ohio St..

Even though it didn’t matter who won, but it’s always good to see Ohio St lose. J.T. Barrett is the Perry Ellis of college football.  The guy has been on the team for what feels like an eternity. It just seems that things fall in their favor year after year. It may be a biased opinion (I am a Michigan fan), but it still is annoying.

Games like today are great for college football fans, but not so much for the College Football Playoffs.  Two top 4 teams went on to lose this week. So that begs the question on where everyone is ranked now. Wisconsin won today, but do they move up? They don’t have a win against a top 25 opponent plus don’t have one on schedule until Big Ten championship. I see Georgia moving up to 2, obviously. The question is: how far down does Penn St fall? Does Ohio St move ahead of an undefeated Wisconsin? I believe so. I see Ohio St at 3 and Penn St staying at 4 as well as Wisconsin staying at 5. That’s why I hate Ohio St. They lose, but yet they still win.

Yes, this may be a bitter post, but I don’t care. Harbaugh should’ve went to Peters sooner. O’ Korn is, was and always has been bad. Oh well. Here’s to the McCaffery era coming soon…

as always, screw you Ohio St.



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