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Week 8 Recap

Kind of an uneventful weekend, in my books.  Week 8 did leave us with some questions and answered some others.  Let’s get into it.

What’s going on in Denver?: Denver is on a 3 game losing streak that doesn’t look like it’s going to end anytime soon.  Trevor Siemian doesn’t look like a capable NFL quarterback anymore.  Almost looks, as if, he should dust that Finance degree off.  Is it time to go to Paxton? Is it Brock time?

Eagles are contenders: Although they played the 49ers, week 8 is usually when you can tell if teams are contenders or pretenders.  I would put Eagles in the contenders bucket, for now.  Carson seems to have taken the next step to be a solid NFL quarterback.  They also just added Jay Ajayi today so we’ll see how well those knees can hold up.

Can Vikings hold off the NFC North?: Vikings got off to a slow start against the Browns.  It was in London, but Zimmer made it clear they were going to do everything they could to prevent that.  This season reminds me exactly of the 2013 season.  Rodgers goes down and the rest of the division can’t handle the pressure to win it.  By the time they want to, Rodgers will be back and the division will stay in Green Bay.

Fantasy Update:  Went 3-0 (again) I know I should do a fantasy show as a podcast or youtube video (could that be foreshadowing?).  Now, I have a stranglehold on two leagues and tied for 1st in the other.

Picks recap from Week 8: 8-3

Vikings- W

Saints- W

Falcons- W

Eagles- W

Bills- W

Bengals- W

Patriots- W

Texans- L

Redskins- L

Lions- L

Chiefs- W



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