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Week 9 Fantasy

Here we go!  Week 9 of the fantasy season.  This is when the best fantasy owners are able to gain some space for a playoff spot.  There are another six teams on bye this week: Steelers, Patriots, Bears, Browns, Vikings and Chargers.  That means teams are looking for replacements on Tom Brady, Antonio Brown, Melvin Gordon, Le’ Veon Bell, etc, etc.  So lets get into some adds or even guys you already have on your bench to replace them.


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Tyrod Taylor-  I, usually, don’t like starting a guy like Tyrod on a Thursday night game.  Not sure if Kelvin Benjamin plays this week, but look for Tyrod to be a good replacement for the rest of the season.  He’s gets a big bodied receiver that can stretch the field (when healthy).  If you have someone else to start, I would look there otherwise be free to add Tyrod for the rest of the season.

Jimmy Garoppolo- Kyle Shannahan, you’re not fooling anyone.  Coach came out and said that Jimmy might not play this year.  Stop it.  You didn’t make that trade to sit him on the bench, then pay him starter salary without knowing what you have.  He doesn’t play this week, but I see him squeezing in a game before their bye week.  It’s not like he’s going into a brand new system or he’s a rookie quarterback.  He’s been sitting behind the GOAT.


Eddie Lacy- I know, I know.  The Seahawks have sucked running the ball this year.  Pete Carroll came out and declared they’re handing the reigns off to Eddie (this week anyway).  There were reports that they released him, but turned out that ESPN doesn’t know how to read twitter handles.  They traded for Duane Brown to shore up the offensive line.  I see Eddie as a stash on the bench player to get him before everyone else wants him.

Kenyan Drake- Why not Damien Williams you ask? Drake is the next man up on the pecking order after the Ajayi trade.  It’s not ideal if you have to pick up a Miami running back, but there’s still value with Drake.  He will be the guy stepping in for the same carries that Ajayi was getting.  Another stash player to see what happens with the running back situation in Miami.


JuJu Smith-Schuster- Yes, he’s on a bye this week.  He’s still an interesting add.  With the drama that Bryant has caused, JuJu has cashed in.  Who knows what happens after their bye week with the headcase of Bryant.  He thinks he’s a no. 1 receiver, but you can’t be when you have the best receiver in the NFL on the same team.  Look for Bryant to continue being a problem and JuJu cashing in.

Josh Docston-  I wrote last week for him to be an add.  I’m carrying it over to this week.  He only had 1 catch, but it went for a touchdown.  He’s on the field more than Pryor and it’s only going to continue.


Vernon Davis- Jordan Reed is being Jordan Reed, again.  Gruden said that Reed is going to be out for week 9.  Vernon has been relying on a big play to be fantasy relevant, but that was when Reed was playing.  Now, it’s Davis getting the short routes along with the seem routes.  The guy still has some speed left so look for him to be a great plug and play player until Reed comes back.

That’s it for fantasy week 9!  I hope everyone liked my top adds for the week.  Comment down below on who you have as your top fantasy adds.  Also, let me know how things are going on your team.  Are you set up for the playoff run?



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