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SPOILERS: Stranger Things 2

Let’s start off saying that these kids continue to impress episode after episode season after season. I don’t want this series to end. Reminds me of Star Wars where it could be never ending. They say it’s a 4 part series so I guess we have that going for us. 

Let’s get into the season…

Bob- At first, I couldn’t stand Bob. Only because I could just see him being raised up while everyone yelling “Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!” Then, I feel they used him for redemption on how they handled Barb. Bob turned out to be a great character because he was oblivious to everything that happened a year earlier. 

Eleven, L, Jane- I kind of dislike how they gave her the name Jane. I liked that she was able to find herself and open up the world outside of Hawkins, but no matter what she’s still Eleven. Her and Hopper were Dina mix with each other. Hopper finally was able to care for a daughter figure and she had the father figure she never had. I still think she seemed more badass with her head shaved. 

That’s it for the character breakdown. Season 2 came to play. Between the effects and the storylines, I loved everything about it. They also opened the world up to expand on the universe. At first, I didn’t like it because it took an episode away from our main characters, but I got how integral it was to the story. 

I like how they ended the season with “I’ll be watching you” playing to cut to the upside down and having the shadow monster hovering over the snow ball.  They also show adoption papers for Eleven to Hopper. What?! That was insanely awesome to me.

Sidebar: the actor for Billy is the next Heath Ledger. You heard it here first folks. 

Alright alright alright. I get it. You want to watch and discover it yourself. Well it’s been a week! I’ll leave the rest up to you. For example, how does the shadow monster come back? What happens to the lab? Does Dustin get a love interest? Will Eleven be able to live a normal life? How many more of them are there?

Season 3 can’t come soon enough. They better not only come out with 9 or 10 episodes. What did you think of season 2?



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