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Is this a must win?

You’re probably thinking that this was “is this a must win for the Packers?” article. No. It’s not. I’m asking is this a must win for McCarthy. Packer nation knows that Rodgers has been able to disguise McCarthy’s play calling for years, but now he doesn’t have him. He said he’s invested 3 years into Brett Hundley. He’s also had over 2 weeks to get ready for this game.

So I ask you: Is this a must win game for McCarthy to keep his job?


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It may not be this season, but I think he’s playing for his job tonight beyond this season. The Packers are perennial contenders, but only have been able to reach the Super Bowl ONCE with Rodgers (3 times in 21 years with 2 HOF quarterbacks).  As he’s alluded to, he has invested time in Brett Hundley to get him ready to step in for Rodgers. Reports were that they tried to sign Hoyer (more on that tomorrow). We saw what happened when he only gave up play calling. He gave it up to HIS guy to take the fall. That wasn’t really giving it up. We’ve seen the same thing year after year with him. Mismanaging play clock, 3rd down situations, routes to help WRs, etc etc.  The list goes on.

Go Pack Go.



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