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Report: John Lynch asked for Tom Brady first

Jay Glazer reported that John Lynch originally asked for Tom Brady instead of Jimmy Garoppolo.


First off, *while hand clapping* what a stud for bringing that to the table.  Who else would’ve thought “Hey, why don’t I ask for Tom Brady instead of Jimmy Garoppolo” while they are in the midst of another super bowl run.  Shooters gotta shoot.

Secondly, are they mishandling this whole situation?  A day after the trade, Kyle Shanahan said that he doesn’t know if Jimmy will even play this year.  They traded a second round pick that’ll be within the first 5 picks of the second round.  Jimmy will need to be paid this offseason since he’s a free agent.  So why wouldn’t you see what he brings to the table?  It’s not like they have a franchise quarterback for him to play behind.  Also, it’s not like they’re competing for a playoff spot this year.  I’m not giving up that high of a draft pick if I don’t plan of giving him the keys to the franchise.  I’m also not getting paid to make those decisions (even though it seems to be common sense).

Lastly, how does the Patriots convince teams, time after time, to make these kind of trades.  Think, Richard Seymour, Chandler Jones, Jamie Collins, etc.  I would say their quarterback situation is better after this trade.  They signed Brian Hoyer to a 3 year deal after 49ers cut him.  Originally, Hoyer was in the trade, but due to compensatory pick calculation they didn’t include him.  Now, they have a stop gap quarterback if something happens to Brady.  They also don’t have to answer the question of when they’re making Brady give up the starting spot.  They will draft their quarterback of the future this draft class.

Are the Patriots that much better than every one else? Are they that much smarter than everyone? Do they have a time travel machine to see how these guys turn out?

The simple answer is: Yes.



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