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Week 9 NFL Recap

Week 9 is in the books folks! This season is seriously going way to fast.  Before we know it, the season is going to be over.  Here are some hot takes from this weekend:

Who should go?:  The Packers fell to the Lions and are now 4-4.  They are losers of 3 straight since Aaron Rodgers went down.  So my question is who should go?  I’m not saying that just because they’re on a losing streak, but this is the same year after year.  The team doesn’t look in-sync.  They’re not very well composed (i.e. Mike Daniels).  They can’t stop anyone on 3rd downs.  The list goes on.  I know it won’t happen, but both McCarthy and Capers need to go.  After Rodgers went down, McCarthy vehemently stated that Hundley is his quarterback and that he has invested time into him.  WELL SHOW IT! This 3 weeks have shown how much Rodgers masks McCarthy’s inability to game plan, play call, adjust, etc.  We all know Capers needs to go that’s a given.

NFC North is Detroit’s to lose: Packers lost Rodgers, Vikings are on to Keenum and Bears are playing a rookie.  Detroit has the highest paid player, in the NFL, on the their roster.  They’re not playing against a first place schedule and actually have a decent defense.  Yes, Vikings have a good defense, but they’re not very good on offense.  Cleveland gave them a run for their money for most of their last game.  This season is where Matthew Stafford shows his worth.  It should be why they drafted him number 1 overall.  It should be why they committed so much money to him.

 NFL is the new UFC: Everybody see how many fights there were this weekend? Between AJ Green/Jalen Ramsey, Mike Evans/Marshon Lattimore and Carols Hyde/Cardinals team, NFL should just start letting players fight like hockey.  Start a penalty box where they have to sit out a certain number of plays after they drop helmets.  The Mike Evans hit was the worst out of them.  Just comes out of nowhere to destroy Lattimore.  That’s a clown move, bro.

Fantasy Update: 4th week, in a row, going 3-0.  That brings me to 8-1 in two leagues and 6-3 in my NFC-only league.  Three 1st place standings this week.

Picks from Week 9 Recap: 9-3

Titans- W

Saints- W

Rams- W

Eagles- W

Panthers- W

Jaguars- W

Colts- W

49ers- L

Seahawks- L

Chiefs- L

Raiders- W

Lions- W



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