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Week 10 Picks are here!!

Week 10 started off with the Seahawks beating the Cardinals 22-16.  They didn’t come unscathed, though.  Richard Sherman was lost for the year with a ruptured Achilles tendon.  What is going on with the NFL this year?  I don’t recall having a year with this many star players going down.  If you look at the squad, that would be a helluva healthy team that would win multiple Super Bowls.  We have Chiefs, Raiders, Eagles and Ravens on bye this week.  Now, let’s get to the picks.

Noon Games

Saints (-2.5) at Bills-  I say it every week that Drew Brees is on the road.  He is historically worse than he is at home.  Take away last away game (it was at Lambeau without Rodgers).  Bills are 4-0 at home this year giving up just over 17 points per game.  If the Saints can continue their run game, I believe they come out with the win.  I just don’t see that happening the way Bills are playing at home.  Bills 21-17.

Packers at Bears (-5)- Do you see that?  The BEARS are 5 point favorites over the Packers.  That’s a testament to how bad the Packers are playing without Aaron Rodgers.  This will be the first test on the road for Brett Hundley (I don’t count the Vikings game he came in after Rodgers went down).  Hopefully, Capers will be able to tame a rookie qb in Trubisky and Hundley can keep control of the ball.  This might be the worst game of the slate this weekend.  Packers 17-13.

Browns at Lions (-12)- Browns are winless on the road along with on the season.  They have played some games pretty competitively. Sounds like Myles Garrett is playing this weekend, which will cause havoc for Stafford.  12 points is a big spread for the NFL even with how many blow outs we’ve had this year.  I don’t think they’ll cover the spread, but Lions 23-17.

Bengals at Titans (-4.5)- AJ Green left last weeks game after being thrown out for manhandling Jalen Ramsey.  Before that, he wasn’t much of a factor anyway.  Dalton can’t hit the broad side of a barn while they can’t generate any run game whatsoever.  Mariota seems to be getting healthy every week and they’re at home.  Titans 24-20.

Steelers (-10) at Colts- Colts are a mess this season.  They botched the handling of Andrew Luck.  They botched the handling of Vontae Davis.  Steelers are coming off a bye, but Big Ben is notoriously bad on the road.  I feel this is a big Bell game while they give Brown his touches.  I don’t like picking the away team to cover a 10 point spread, but I feel this is a safe bet.  31-17.

Jets (-2.5) at Buccaneers- What a bad matchup.  Both teams are surprising this year.  Jets have done better than expected while Bucs are worse than expected.  Mike Evans is missing due to suspension and Winston is out due to injury.  I feel Fitzpatrick has a big game against his old team to show why they shouldn’t have let him go.  Buccaneers 24-23.

Vikings (-1.5) at Redskins- This actually might be the best game of the weekend.  Redskins are coming off a big win in Seattle while the Vikings are coming off a bye.  We might see Case Keenum for the last time since the Vikings activated Bridgewater.  Both teams have good defenses, but I think the Redskins have the better offense.  It’s going to be a struggle all day just like last week.  Redskins 17-14.

Chargers at Jaguars (-4)- It’s weird to see the Jaguars being the favorite.  Rightfully so though.  They have one of the best d-lines that actually gets to the quarterback followed up by a decent secondary.  I swear by not liking teams go cross country to win games.  I’m going to stand by that statement here as well.  Jaguars 27-20.

Afternoon Games

Texans at Rams (12)- If Deshaun Watson was in this game, it would be a different story.  Last I read, Savage was still the starter.  Houston has lost 2 of their best defensive starters for the season.  Rams are riding high this season with the reemergence of Gurley.  Goff has also made strides in his second season.  34-10.

Cowboys at Falcons (-3)- MVP Matt Ryan still looks of this season.  Not sure if it’s the Super Bowl hangover or if last year was an anomaly.  This will be the first game that Ezekiel Elliot misses due to his suspension.  It is an intriguing game because we don’t know if the Cowboys offense can sustain without Zeke being in there.  Cowboys still look like a more complete team than the Falcons, but Cowboys seem to lose these types of games.  Falcons 28-27.

Giants (-1) at 49ers- I’m not even going to go in depth about how bad of a game this is.  Taking 49ers 24-20 only because they’re at home against a team making the cross country travel.

Sunday Night

Patriots (-7.5) at Broncos- Broncos are having a down year because they can’t seem to find a quarterback they like on their roster.  Osweiler is still starting even though he’s Brock Osweiler.  I feel this will be closer than the spread just because of the history between the teams.  Last I checked, Broncos still have Von Miller.  Chris Hogan is unlikely to play so Philip Dorsett will get a lot more playing time, but they’ve had 2 weeks to prepare.  Patriots 27-24.

Monday Night

Dolphins at Panthers (-9)- Dolphins traded away their top RB at the trade deadline.  They didn’t really have a clear decision on who they wanted to go with last week.  Panthers know their offense even without Kelvin Benjamin.  Panthers 20-13.

There you have it folks! Those are my picks and I’m sticking to them.  Let me know who you have this weekend.  Also, what game are you looking forward to?



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