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Packers Recap and Why I’m no longer fans of the Bennett brothers

First, I want to start off with the Bennett brothers.  Last year, ESPN made a 30 for 30 documentary about them.  I, like so many others, found the brothers fascinating.  What stuck out to me was their loyalty.  The things they said in the documentary put brotherhood into prospective.  Up to that point, it just made me think that they’ve been misunderstood.

Now, present day.  I am no longer fans of theirs.  First, it started with Michael Bennett lying about what happened to him in Las Vegas.  Seemed like he was trying to insert himself into the whole ordeal with the anthem and police brutality.  I felt bad until the video and the whole story came out about what happened.  It was easy to not be a fan anymore (especially since he’s a Seahawk).  Then, the whole Martellus situation happened.  I was very excited when he signed with the Packers.  Don’t hate me, but I’m also a Patriots fan (not a bandwagoner either).  I knew what Martellus brought to the table.  He’s a blue collar tight end that could help with both facets of the offense.  He’s a quirky character, but seemed like his attitude got adjusted in New England.  Season started out slow with some drops, but thought that it would turn around.  Then, Aaron Rodgers went down ironically on a play that Marty dropped a 1st down catch on 3rd down.  Couple weeks pass, then all of a sudden Marty drops the “I think these last 8 games are my last in the NFL” on Instagram.  That was the first domino.  The second was the mysterious shoulder injury.  Sits out against the Lions without practicing all week, then immediately after he was declared out for the Bears game.  Two days later Packers drop him and he’s claimed by the Patriots.  There were some back and fourth about how Dr McKenzie was pushing Marty to play while other Packers have come in defense of Doc.  The last straw, for me, was last night.  Martellus wasn’t just active, but played 7 snaps for the Patriots last night.  He had 3 catches for 38 yards.  The first sign of any adversity and the Bennett brothers blame everyone else.  They just cower, cry and only think of themselves.  I am a Patriots fan, but I will no longer be a fan of Marty for how he handled this situation with the Packers.  I don’t like quitters.

Next subject.

On a happier note, the Packers finally won!  I’ve been very hard on Mike McCarthy these last few weeks.  I have to give credit where credit is due.  He called a good game yesterday.  Finally, he let Brett Hundley be a quarterback and throw the ball.  He had a good mixture of run vs pass even after Jones and Montgomery went out for the game.  Jamaal Williams looked like a beast running through the whole.  Reminded me a little bit of James Starks when he was a rookie.  The defense was in the back field all day long yesterday while coming in the clutch time after time.  The issue that I still have is Trevor Davis.  He had a couple nice returns, but we have to have someone better than him.  He constantly returns punts or fair catches within his own 5 yard line.  I would rather be downed at the 1 by them making a play than fair catching at the 5.  Yesterday, he returned one that he caught at the 1! Then, proceeding to back pedal into the end zone.  With Rodgers down, we have to do a better/smarter job in the other areas to give Hundley the best field position.

Anyways, great team win.  Hopefully, this puts them back on track to compete later this year so Rodgers can come back to bring us to the playoffs.  Watching him on the sidelines, in the pregame and even coming off the airplane makes me think he’ll be healthy enough.  Heck, he was carrying his own bag with another bag on his bad arm!  I think we just needed to get back into the win column to gain momentum.  Now that the monkey’s off their back and the cancer is out of the locker room, I think we can make a run.

Who else is with me?!

Go Pack Go



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