Getting a healthy mindset

A couple weeks ago I shared my weight loss journey.  In it, I said that at some point I wanted to share how I was able to get to healthy mindset to achieve my goals.  Well today’s the day that I share that story with you all. Like I said, towards the end of 2015 until the end of 2016 I wasn’t in a healthy state of mind.  I will dive into how I got into the state in another blog post.  This is about how I was able to rewire my brain to achieve my goals of 2017.

I’ve dealt with bouts of depression for the better part of my life.  I’ve also dealt with anger issues on top of that.  I’m the type of person that can never be comfortable.  I’m afraid of being comfortable because then life becomes too monotonous for me.  My mind tends to wonder off and not think clearly or see the big picture of life.  That type of situation is what happened and I went into a depressive state of mind.  I don’t think anybody would be able to tell (not even my wife) because I’ve always tried to keep it hidden from people.  I never wanted to let people know of any weakness because (I thought) they would know you’re vulnerable.

So with this state of mind, I started drinking more.  I became lazy.  I shut off my family.  I never wanted to really do anything or leave the house for that matter.  The only thing that I wanted to do was drink, golf or play video games.  I knew something had to change.

I wouldn’t call it “rock bottom”, but I would call it an epiphany moment.  It came on Christmas.  We were all at my mom’s house having our normal (normal for our family anyway) Christmas where everyone was hanging out eating, drinking and having some laughs.  Then, a rush of emotion came over me.  I stormed out of Christmas and started walking home leaving my wife and kids at Christmas.  Mind you, this is middle of Winter in Wisconsin with no coat.  I just started walking towards home.  On that walk, is when I decided to take action on getting to a healthier version of me.  I didn’t have a plan, but that’s when I decided to create one.

First item on the agenda: Drink less.  Second item: Control what you can control and stop worrying about the rest.  My plan to drink less was to only drink on weekends or special events (i.e. birthday or concerts).  There was no more drinking during the week just to drink.  I also wanted to have times where I wouldn’t drink at all for an extended period of time.  I don’t want to make this about drinking because it isn’t.  The main focus is the second agenda item.

Again, control what I could control and stop worrying about the rest.  Meaning, stop worrying about what other people do, say or think and let it affect me.  We only have one chance to live our best life so I needed to stop worrying about everyone else.  Just needed to worry about my wife, my kids and my well being.

It didn’t happen over night and is still a fluid situation, but I have noticed that it helps to have a plan.  It helps to have a goal.  It helps to not be a stubborn prick and just do it.  That’s how I was able to get to my “January 8th” and ultimately get to writing my thoughts out.

I hope you enjoyed the article.  It means the world to me that people are engaging in things that I have to say.  If you could, do me a favor and like this article.  Also, share it with friends and follow along on this journey!



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