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Week 10 Weekend Recap

What a weekend! I thought this weekend had some really bad games on the slate, but they actually gave us a lot of good football games.  Better games than I thought we would receive.  Here are a couple of take aways for me from the weekend:

Who’s stopping the Patriots?: Simple answer: No one.  Everyone freaked out when the they started 2-2 especially when 3 out of the first 4 games were at home.  The defense was ranked 31st in total defense and that didn’t look like it would change.  Even in their wins their defense was the issue.  Now, here we are week 10 and they’re back to the normal Patriots.  Denver has been Brady’s kryptonite, but didn’t seem to be an issue this time.  The biggest plays came from their special teams.  Fumble recovery, kick return TD and blocked punt.  I know that excites Bill.  But again, who will stop them?  If they get home field advantage, then it’s a sure lock to the Super Bowl.  If they don’t, I could see it being tough only if they have to go to Kansas City.  Steelers can’t beat them in a big game so not worried about going to Pittsburgh.

Browns keep doing Browns things: I’ve watched or paid close attention to a couple of Browns games this year.  They seem like they have a chance until one play.  That play came at the end of the first half.  Just under 20 seconds to go at the Lions 3 yard line with no timeouts.  What do they call? A QB sneak.  Now I have it under good authority that it wasn’t the actual play call, but that means they haven’t gotten Kizer ready for certain situations.  It would’ve been a huge upset, but not surprising it turned out to be a Lions W.

Can the Packers ride out the storm?: I’ve been very vocal about my disdain for Mike McCarthy.  Things haven’t changed, but I have to give him credit for this win.  He actually let Brett Hundley play quarterback while establishing the run.  He also did it with their 3rd running back.  Aaron Jones sounds like he’s missing a couple games and Ty Montgomery just seems to keep tweaking the ribs.  Was this just against a bad Bears team? You could say that, but it was against a division rival at their place.  Getting that first W might be what they needed to get back on track.

Giants will pick #1: Even though, they have a win and the Browns are winless, I believe the Giants will be the worse team at the end of the year.  Even in losses, the Browns look like they are in their games.  The Giants just plain out suck.  Ben McAdoo needs to go, Eli Manning needs to go and this organization just needs a reboot.

Fantasy Update: 5 weeks in a row now going 3-0.  I am 9-1 in two leagues and 7-3 in the other.  All are good for first place while the 9-1 teams need one more win to clinch a playoff spot.  The 7-3 team probably needs 2 more wins to be in the playoffs, but not sweating that league either.

Picks recap from Week 10: 11-2

Bills- L

Packers- W

Lions- W

Titans- W

Steelers- W

Buccaneers- W

Redskins- L

Jaguars- W

Rams- W

Falcons- W

49ers- W

Patriots- W

Panters- W



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