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Who wins AL MVP tonight?

The AL MVP race comes down to two names: Jose Altuve and Aaron Judge.  So who wins?

Let’s look at their resume:

Jose Altuve- .346 avg/.410 OBP/.957 OPS with 24 HR, 81 RBIs and 32 stolen bases

Aaron Judge- .284 avg/.422 OBP/1.049 OPS with 52 HR, 114 RBIs and 9 stolen bases

My pick: Jose Altuve

What gives Jose the edge?  The consistency.  Aaron Judge had 208 strikeouts and only batted .228 after the All Star break.  He also set a record by striking out at least one time in 37 straight games (could’ve been more if he wasn’t taken out the 38th game).  Also, since it was so close, I don’t see them giving the MVP to someone not on the World Series Championship team.

I could make a short/tall joke, but those are getting old.  I mean it was like David beating Goliath.

Who’s your AL MVP?


PS- I only did AL because NL is a lock for Giancarlo Stanton.


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