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R.I.P Terry Glenn

It is with a heavy heart to say RIP to one of my favorite players of all time.  He was the main reason that I became a Patriot fan.  Growing up, I had his jersey framed above my bed.  The first game that I ever went to was Packers vs Patriots in preseason with my dad.  It’s hard to believe because I’ve been a Michigan fan and he went to Ohio State, but I respected how he played the game.  Did he have his issues? Of course.  He played at Ohio State, but that didn’t deter me from being a fan.  My aunt and uncle took me to see him during training camp when he signed with the Packers.  I got his autograph and was able to shake his hand.  I’ll never forget that.

In school, we were working on drawing people.  So we picked a famous person whether it was an athlete, movie star, etc.  We drew them and the teacher would send them to the people that we would draw.  The person that I drew: Terry Glenn.  This guy has meant a lot for me.  Especially, when people try arguing with me on being a fair weather Patriot fan.  I drop the “I’ve been a fan since Terry Glenn was in the league”, then they stop talking.

Thank you for making me become a fan.  Not only of yours, not only of the Patriots, but a fan of football.  Rest in peace!



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