Fantasy Football

Wasted opportunity

And we’re back! I hope everyone had a nice long weekend as well as a nice Thanksgiving.

Let’s start off that I wasn’t planning on staying up for the whole game last night.  After week 11 loss, I didn’t have high expectations for how things were going to go last night.  Especially since, Big Ben has actually been good during prime-time home games lately.  My plan was to watch until the game got out of control and I sealed a fantasy victory with Antonio Brown playing.

Then, our offense goes down to score on their first possession to make the game 7-6.  Hmmm.  We can finish a drive on the road, but we couldn’t against an inferior opponent at home? Made no sense, but had me intrigued even though the Steelers drove right down their first possession.  Then, all of sudden, Damarious Randall picks Ben off and runs it in for the score! I was excited, until I saw the replay. He was clearly touched down, but did make the interception. Yes! We have short field with our offense looking like an offense.  What happens next? The Packers are able to run a successful screen. You read that right. Jamaal Williams took it 55 yards to the house to make the game 14-6.  I thought “Could this really happen?”.

Steelers tied the game before halftime to make it 14-14 and we got the ball to start the second half.  We were in good position if we score on this drive. 3rd and 3 to go they dial up a double move on the outside for Davante Adams.  Hundley throws (maybe his best ball yet) to a wide open Adams who takes it 55 yards to the endzone.  Holy shit.  We’re up 21-14 on the road to the STEELERS.  Now, I have to stay up the whole game thinking “If they fuck this up, I’m going to be pissed”.  Ensuing Steeler possession, the ball gets tipped at the line of scrimmage and Blake Martinez comes up with the interception!

This is where we start to get out coached.  Seems to happen every week.  History tells you that the longest field goal made at Heinz Field is 53 yards.  Mason Crosby missed (horribly) at 56 earlier in the season.  Probably not the smartest to kick a field goal, but that’s exactly what Mike McCarthy decides to do. That is where the game turned for me. No matter what I thought they would lose the game after that decision. The turnover game us all the momentum to just give it right back to them at almost the same spot they had the ball.

Did we have chances the rest of the game? Yes. In my opinion, the game was lost there.  If you look at the rest of the offensive series we had, 3 out of 4 were 3 and outs totaling just over 2 minutes of offense.  The great decision making of Mike McCarthy strikes again!

Let’s not forget about the game ending field goal attempt.  We have an opportunity to ice the kicker. Remember, the longest field goal was 53 yards the same as the game ending field goal.  Teams were just starting to get set with the Boswell not really starting his routine, yet. What does McCarthy do? Calls his last time out. A rookie knows to wait until the last second to ice the kicker. Get your head out of your ass, man!

Let me know your thoughts on the game.



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