Fantasy Football

Week 12 Weekend Recap

This week in football has to be the best week of the year.  Most people have a 4 day weekend (sorry for the ones who don’t) and 3 days of football.  What’s better than football, food and family? Let’s get into the storylines of the weekend.

Where are all the Cowboys fans?: I don’t know what is more satisfying than the Cowboys just plain out sucking.  Their offense has totally been wiped out since Zeke’s suspension. What I don’t get is they have (had) Darren McFadden on their bench.  This is a guy who rushed over a 1,000 yards two years ago for them. Same year they brought in Alfred Morris. Unless something in the locker room changed, why wasn’t he the next in line for carries? Seemed to work two years ago. The Cowboys sucking is a great silver lining to this Packers season.

Who’s #2 in the NFC?: The Eagles are the clear cut #1 although I don’t think they will make the Super Bowl. But who is #2? The Vikings beat the Rams and the Saints, but at home. Everyone bitches about them not having control over the schedule, but the fact of the matter is they haven’t beaten anyone on the road since Steelers Week 2. Saints were exposed with the injuries that they have on defense.  My #2 team is the Rams. They have the defense that rivals with the Vikings. I’d say Vikings have the better secondary with the Rams the better front 7. The difference, for me, is the Rams have the better offense.

UFC 221: Michael Crabtree vs Aqib Talib: I just wanted to throw this is here. I’m sure everyone saw the “fight” they put on this weekend. I mean I would fight too so I didn’t have to be on the field for that game. I can’t believe what 1 year does to teams. Last year, the Raiders looked unstoppable until Carr went down. Broncos have looked good for awhile, but now just plain out stink. NFL needed viewership for this game so why not let these two fight it out? Funniest part about it: Talib ripping the gold chain right off Crabtree (again!). Never change, Aqib.

What’s happened to KC?: Member when everyone jumped on the Alex Smith for MVP train? That was funny. The guy has never put together 16 games worth of MVP-caliber football, yet people thought this year would be different. Why do you think KC traded up for Mahomes? That should’ve been your indicator that KC doesn’t believe in Smith. The offense is terrible, the defense is in shambles and their return game is nonexistent. They’ve completely abandoned Kareem Hunt and the run game. They’ve also stopped throwing him the ball out of the back field. You can look back at when they stopped giving him the ball and when they started losing. I bet it’s the same time.

Fantasy Update: Count it. 7 weeks in a row that I’ve gone 3-0. I’ve clinched #1 overall in 2 leagues at 11-1 while clinching a playoff berth in the other at 9-3.

Picks Recap: 13-3 (nice bounce back week)

Lions- L

Chargers- W

Redskins- W

Falcons- W

Bengals- W

Titans- W

Chiefs- L

Patriots- W

Panthers- W

Eagles- W

Seahawks- W

Raiders- W

Rams- W

Jaguars- L

Steelers- W

Ravens- W



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