Fantasy Football

Week 13 Fantasy

Week 13 is here! How’s everybody doing in their leagues? Did you clinch a playoff spot, yet? Or did you fall out of playoff contention and only playing to try to knock others out?

Hopefully, you already clinched a playoff spot or at least contending. I have clinched in all three leagues so I’m looking at players that will help down the stretch. In this issue, I’ll post a streamer option along with a player that’ll help for the players at each position. That way, it’ll help both types of viewers. So let’s get into my adds for this week.


“Down the Stretch” Starter

Jimmy Garoppolo- I said it last week and I’ll say it again, Jimmy Garoppolo is going to start at some point this year. Granted, he only came into the game last week because CJ got hurt. I don’t care about how, I just care that he’s starting now. In relief, Jimmy went 2 for 2, 18 yards and a touchdown.  Yes, that’s not much of a sample size. So let’s look at his stats as a starter last year. He completed 43 of 63 for 502 yards and 4 touchdowns while not throwing an interception. I have been and continue to be on the Jimmy Garoppolo train.


Mitchell Trubisky- Yes, I said it. Trubisky will be a streamer option this week. 49ers are 31st against opposing quarterbacks.  Meaning, there’s only one other team that gives up more fantasy points to opposing quarterbacks. John Fox needs to save his job so what better way than opening up the playbook. Last game, you can throw out the window. The two home games before that he was averaging close to 19 fantasy points.


“Down the Stretch” Starter

Devontae Booker- Listen, Broncos are out of the playoff race. They need to start planning on 2018. They play against the Dolphins, Jets, Colts, Redskins and Chiefs to finish out the year. The Jets are the only team ranking in the top-15 against opposing running backs.  He has favorable matchups and a favorable situation to end the year as a fantasy starter. What else are they going to do? Throw?


DJ Foster- Kerwynn Williams is out with cracked ribs. That paved way for Foster to see more snaps. The two were competing for the Andre Ellington role of the offense.  Meaning, they are out there on passing downs or playing wide receiver. I love having receiving backs because they have added value in PPR leagues. Rams are a tough match defense, but surprisingly are 31st against opposing running backs. I see this game as the Cardinals needing to throw to stay in the game.


“Down the Stretch” Starter

Josh Gordon- I would temper expectations this week. He’s coming back after being out of football since 2014. Browns are also playing against the Chargers who are top-10 against opposing WR. After this week, they play Green Bay, Baltimore, Chicago and Pittsburgh. A couple of those games are against top 10 defenses, but he has proven that it doesn’t matter. Hue Jackson said that they’re going to play him as much as possible to make sure they win a game.


Seth Roberts- Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree both exited last weeks game early. Cooper is dealing with a concussion while Crabtree is suspended for this weeks game. Roberts lead the team in snaps last week and should continue this week. They play the Giants, who are 23rd against opposing WR. Also, Giants are starting Geno Smith this week so the Raiders should have plenty of time on offense.


“Down the Stretch” Starter

Ricky Seals-Jones- Who is that you ask? Just your top fantasy tight end the last two weeks. He does have a tough matchup this week, but the final four games are against Tennessee, Washington, Giants and Seahawks. Temper expectations this week, but he should be stashed to use the final four games.


David Njoku- There’s not many streaming options for tight ends, but here’s a guy I could see having a decent game. Chargers are going to put a lot of attention on Josh Gordon given the situation. He’s also in a committee rotation with DeValve, but Kizer seems to like Njoku. Chargers are the 2nd best against opposing tight ends, but Kizer will need to throw to someone that’s not getting the attention Gordon will receive.

There you have it folks!

Let me know how you like this format with the down the stretch/streamer options. I know we’re getting down to the end of the year, but I would like to incorporate that for next year. Also, let me know you’re targeting to help your teams this week as well as the playoffs.



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