Fantasy Football

Week 13 Picks

Week 13 started of with a dud. I’m sure it was a relieving game for Cowboys fans, but I turned the game off at half. Redskins offense is in shambles because of the injuries that they have on the offensive line. Cowboys offense started out like they did the last three weeks. They just didn’t look like they could get anything going. The moment that opened up the game was the punt return for a touchdown. Seemed to electrify the Cowboys as a team.

Are the Cowboys back?

I don’t think so. Their games will be more competitive, but they need to put two games together before people can jump back on their bandwagon.

Let’s get into the Week 13 picks.

Noon games

Vikings at Falcons (-3)- This is an interesting game for me. The Falcons offense has found new life. They’re getting Freeman back this week even though Coleman has looked good in relief. Vikings are facing, probably, the second best defense they’ve faced on their winning streak. They will need to lean more on Case Keenum than they have recently. If it comes down to Keenum vs Ryan, I’m taking Matt Ryan all day long. I want the Vikings to lose and have been picking them to lose so here’s some reverse psychology: Vikings 28-27.

Patriots (-8.5) at Bills-  Patriots haven’t lost in Orchard Park since 2011. Their offense seems to open up (if that’s possible) when they are away at the Bills. They are averaging just over 37 points per game since 2010 while the Bills are averaging just over 23 points in that span. We should be in line for a shootout in West New York. For that reason, I’m taking Patriots 38-28.

49ers at Bears (-3)- If this game happened last week, I wouldn’t even consider paying attention to the game. Jimmy Garoppolo is getting his first start in his 49ers career. I’ve been waiting to see him play since the trade. Niners haven’t won on the road, yet. John Fox should’ve been out of Chicago already and haven’t helped their cause at all. I’m taking 49ers 20-10.

Buccaneers at Packers (-2.5)- Packers are two weeks away from Aaron Rodgers, potentially, coming back. If they win these next two games, I believe Rodgers will be back. They need to win out for a chance at the playoffs with a 10-6 record. Last week, they proved they could keep up with a top team. They just need to be able to sustain more drives to keep the defense off the field. Winston is back for the Bucs, but who knows how well he’ll be able to play. It’s not like he was a stud while healthy. If McCarthy doesn’t “McCarthy” this game, Packers in a landslide. I don’t trust McCarthy not to so Packers 24-17.

Texans at Titans (-6.5)- Tom Savage is somehow starting another game. Titans are in the midst of a playoff run while tied for the division. They haven’t lost at home since week 1. I think their streak continues. Titans 21-10.

Broncos (-1.5) at Dolphins- Officially clarifying this as the worst game on the slate. Both teams are horrible. Broncos, I believe, are going back to Trevor Siemian. When it’s a game like this, I take the home team. Dolphins 16-13.

Chiefs (-3.5) at Jets- What week do the Chiefs get back on track? I thought it was going to be against the Cowboys. Then, I thought it was going to be against the Giants. Then, I never thought they’d lose at home against the Bills. Now, we’re here at Week 13 with them losing 5 out of 6 games. Can they get back on track against the Jets? Yes. 23-21.

Colts at Jaguars (-9.5)- There’s not much to say about this game. One team has something to play for and the other doesn’t. One is tied for the division lead and the other is at the bottom. Yes, in 2017, the Jaguars are the team leading the division for something to play for and the Colts are the team that doesn’t. Doesn’t seem right, does it? Jaguars 31-17.

Lions at Ravens (-3)- One of the only times that I’m rooting for the Ravens to win. Lions are right on track of sucking. Just like they do every year around this time. Ravens are sneaking back into playoff contention. I see them giving Woodhead more snaps since this will be the third game back from IR. Stafford is banged up with a bum ankle and hasn’t been good on the road outdoors. Ravens 23-20.

Afternoon games

Browns at Chargers (-14)- Chargers are making the Chiefs sweat. Browns haven’t made anyone sweat in a long time. They are getting Josh Gordon back this week. How much or how well does he play? That remains to be seen. Jackson said he’s starting and playing him as much as possible. It would be different if the game is in Cleveland, but it’s not. Chargers 24-14.

Giants at Raiders (-8)- I’ve preached it before. Never take the team that’s traveling across country. Especially, if that team is benching their franchise quarterback for Geno Smith. As bad as the Raiders have been on defense, Geno will make them look like the #1 defense in the league. Raiders 24-10.

Panthers at Saints (-4.5)- Division lead is on the line this weekend down in the Bayou. Saints are back home. Drew Brees seems to take it to another level in these types of games. You could say Panthers have flown under the radar, but I don’t believe in the Panthers. Cam has been too streaky this season and folds under pressure. Not sure if Saints get their corners back this week, but it’s not like Cam can pick apart a defense. Saints 31-27.

Rams (-7) at Cardinals- Cardinals beat a good Jaguars team last week. Granted, it was a coastal team traveling across country. Blaine Gabbert was playing a revenge game against the team that gave up on him. Given those circumstances is why they were able to pull off an upset. Doesn’t happen this week. Rams 23-16.

Sunday Night game

Eagles (-5.5) at Seahawks- We got a good one, folks! The Seattle secondary isn’t the same without Richard Sherman and Kam Chancellor. Now, there’s reports that Earl Thomas is iffy for the weekend. I believe the Eagles need a test like this to solidify their NFC standings. I also believe they need to lose to bring them back down to Earth. Think, Panthers during 15-1 season. When it’s these types of teams, I don’t go by my theory about teams traveling across country. I do, however, believe the Seahawks pull this off. 24-21.

Monday night

Steelers (-4.5) at Bengals- This game is always a tough game to predict. Especially, when it’s Big Ben on the road. As Forrest Gump says, “It’s like a box of chocolate. You never know what you’re going to get.”. Steelers just have too many weapons to try to stop. If you stop AB, then Bell destroys you. If you stop Bell, then AB destroys you. Steelers 20-16.

There you have it.

I hope you like the picks and the reasons behind my picks. Let me know who you have this week!



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