College Football

Wisconsin saves the Committee

First off, that was a hell of a game. The speed of Ohio State killed Wisconsin. Jonathon Taylor crushed every other defense they played this year, but couldn’t get anything going last night. Hornibrook showed some flashes, but his decision making was horrible. There were times that he’d sling the ball, then he’d go in conservative mode others. Anyways, congratulations (sickens me to say) to Ohio State and their fans.

Now, here’s my theory.

The College Football Playoff committee never wanted the Badgers to win.


It’s simple: They didn’t want a power 5 championship team with the weakest strength of schedule and no real quality wins to make the playoffs. The playoffs were created to make teams schedule tough out of conference games. During the BCS era, teams would play cupcake games to start out the year. Now, we have top 25 teams playing each other early on in big marketed games. They play these games at AT&T stadium, Mercedes-Benz stadium, Lambeau field, etc. If Wisconsin would’ve won last night, we would see teams not schedule those games as often. Teams would look at it as “why are we playing a top 10 team when we don’t need to”. I also believe that had Wisconsin win, they still may have not made the playoffs. If their spot was locked with a win, they would’ve been put at 3 last week instead of 4.

Look. I get that schools schedule teams 4 or 5 years before they actually play. So when Wisconsin scheduled the BYU game it looked like a good idea. At the same time, BYU is NOT a powerhouse program that’s going to be ranked every year. They’re not a mid-tier SEC team that Wisconsin could schedule. Then I get the “Well it’s not their fault their division sucks”. That’s EVEN MORE reason as to why you need to schedule tough out of conference games. That’s one thing Gary Anderson gave Wisconsin. The willingness to play the LSU or Alabama to start off the year.

So, in conclusion, it’s about the almighty dollar. The loss last night saved the committee from making the decision to leave an undefeated power 5 conference champ out of the playoffs.


Here’s my top 4:

1. Clemson

2. Georgia

3. Oklahoma

4. Alabama


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