Gronk should be suspended

SHOCKER! I know.

Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski may have given the cheapest shot in recent memory. Normally, I come to defense for the Patriots, but that was a horrible penalty. All game they were in his grill without penalties. So at that moment, he said he took out his frustration. It is understandable, but still not right. Given the situation with CTE and concussions on the rise, players need to protect each other. Unwarranted and unnecessary shots need to be addressed with players held accountable.

I love Gronk, but I do believe he should be suspended.

Will he? I doubt it. Normally, first time offenders get a hefty fine. Now, it all depends on how they classify this penalty. You have to take into account that he didn’t get tossed and it was still a live play. Also, he’s not a dirty player (i.e. Vontaze Burfict).

Why will he? Roger Goodell vs Patriots: Part 2. Goodell had to be salivating when he saw the replay. Patriots got back at him with having him hand over the Lombardi Trophy last year so he’s been waiting for his opportunity. With the landscape of how his extension being handled, he’ll also want to let the other owners know that he “can” handle adversity.

I’ll leave you with this. If Gronk gets suspended, it won’t matter much in the grand scheme of things. Patriots play Miami next week. The silver lining is he will be able to get another week of rest before the Super Bowl run.



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