Fantasy Football

Week 13 Recap

Week 13 had a lot of story lines and a lot on the table for some teams. The playoff picture, in both conferences, got a little muckier. The top-2 seeds have really solidified themselves even after Philly losing to Seattle. Patriots-Steelers seem to be heading for a crash collision week 15 for home field advantage. Also, seems the NFC is going through Minnesota to get to Minnesota for the Super Bowl. Anyways, let’s get into some hot topics:

NFL needs to come down hard on Steelers-Bengals: First off, I don’t even blame Smith-Schuster for the hit on Burfict. During the interview after, you hear Antonio Brown saying ‘karma’. In a way, it was. Burfict is known as the dirtiest player in the league and he got a taste of his own medicine. I blame the reffing and the league. They haven’t done anything to stop how bad these games have gotten. They talk about safety of the players as their number 1 priority, but during these games they have not done so. Whether it’s suspensions or hefty fine. It has to be something if they don’t want to have a player go home in a body bag.

NFL got the Gronk decision right: Yesterday, I wrote about how the NFL wouldn’t suspend him as well as why they would suspend him. I believe a 1 game suspension is justifiable given the way the play. It was an unnecessary hit that players don’t need to be taking or giving. What I disagree with is the NFL is inconsistent with their consequences. To me, the fighting between Jalen Ramsey-AJ Green was a worse look than this play with the players just getting fined. They took into account the players history when they didn’t take into account Gronk’s history. In no way does this hurt the Patriots. They play Miami next week whom they just destroyed. I saw that he is appealing, but even if he wins the appeal I think BB sits Gronk.

AFC West is the worst division: Seriously, what happened to the Chiefs? Started out 5-0. Dismantling the Patriots to open the season. Now, they’re tied with the Raiders and Chargers at 6-6. 6-6 people! That is insane for the division. I honestly think that the Chargers take the division since they’re the team that’s on a roll as the others are declining. Chiefs just abandoned their rookie phenom Kareem Hunt, which is what started their decline on offense. Reminds me of the days of the NFC West when Seattle made the playoffs at 7-9.

How many NFC South teams get in?: NFC South is by far the toughest division this year. They have the Saints at 9-3, then Carolina at 8-5 followed by the Falcons at 7-5. So how many teams make playoffs? My belief is only 1. I know you’re probably thinking that I’m nuts, but hear me out. Falcons do not look good by any means and are currently on the outside looking in playing Saints on Thursday night football this week. They move to 7-6. Carolina plays Vikings, which moves them to 8-5. Packers play Cleveland, then possibly getting Rodgers back against Carolina week 15. That would put both teams at 8-6 with tie breaker going to Green Bay. Green Bay has the easiest schedule the rest of the year with Carolina playing Minnesota, Green Bay (with Rodgers) and another game against Atlanta. Atlanta plays New Orleans twice and Carolina to finish out the season. That gives Seattle and Green Bay the best chance at securing the wild cards. (I count Detroit out because they’re Detroit).

Fantasy Recap: THE STREAK HAS ENDED! My 21 game winning streak has ended after going 0-3 this week. Two leagues I am still in first by a couple games while being tied for 1st in the third league. I have clinched playoffs so these last couple games don’t really matter since I can’t really move my rankings.

Picks Recap: 14-1

Vikings- W

Patriots- W

49ers- W

Packers- W

Titans- W

Dolphins- W

Chiefs- L

Jaguars- W

Ravens- W

Chargers- W

Raiders- W

Saints- W

Rams- W

Seahawks- W

Steelers- W



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