Fantasy Football

Week 14 Picks

Saints-Falcons started us off last night. It really wasn’t that exciting of a game. Due, in part, to Alvin Kamara going down early with a concussion. It’s weird that we had a defensive battle with two high octane offenses. Atlanta came out with a victory despite Matt Ryan throwing 3 interceptions. It seemed the Saints just couldn’t sustain anything without Kamara. The guy has been a beast this year and can’t wait to see how he develops beyond these years.

Now to my Week 14 picks.

Noon games

Colts (-2) at Bills- There really isn’t much to say about this game. Both teams aren’t really that good. Tyrod Taylor went out of last weeks game with an injury. Not sure if he’s even playing in this game as of this writing. Colts are on a 3 game losing streak and only have one win on the road this season. In games like this, I take the home team. Bills 20-17.

Bears at Bengals (-6.5)- This is an interesting matchup. Bengals are coming off a hard fought game against the Steelers. With only three wins at home, there really isn’t any home field advantage. They also might be limited because Joe Mixon went out with an injury last week. I don’t trust a game where you have to rely on Andy Dalton to go out there and throw 40 times. The Bears have actually been in some games this year even though they’re on a five game losing streak. Surprisingly, I’m taking Bears 23-20.

Packers (-3) at Browns- The line is actually surprising. I thought they would give Browns more points than three. Two weeks ago, I was more afraid of the Browns game than I was of the Buccaneers game. For some reason, I just have a gut feeling that the Packers are going to blow their chances. With a win, they stay in contention and Rodgers comes back week 15. With a loss, they’re essentially out. I expect a big game from Josh Gordon, but I do believe the Packers pull it out. 24-17.

Raiders at Chiefs (-4)- Both teams are sitting at 6-6 in a three way tie for the division. At the beginning of the year, I never thought the Raiders and the Chiefs would be tied with the Chargers at 6-6. I thought Raiders and Chiefs would be tied, but with records of 9-3. Andy Reid gave up play calling and it seemed to help the offense, but the defense didn’t stop Josh McCown last week enough for the win. I don’t see them stopping Derek Carr especially with Marcus Peters being suspended for the game. Raiders 31-28.

Cowboys (-3.5) at Giants- Who’s in more turmoil? The Giants or the Dolphins? How could a team be worse than a team that had their starting QB go down, then have a coach get fired after video of him doing blow before a meeting? The Giants are in shambles. They disrespected their 2x Super Bowl MVP quarterback for a guy that gets knocked out by teammates at practice. I see the team rallying around Manning for this game especially it being against the Cowboys. Giants 23-21.

Lions (-2.5) at Buccaneers- Winston came back last week with a pretty decent game, even though it was against the Packers. He seemed a little rusty especially with the line of scrimmage, but the rust is expected with the type of injury he sustained. Stafford sounds like he’s playing this week, but not a full strength. There’s video of him throwing with two fingers taped together. I don’t trust him away even when he’s fully healthy. Bucaneers 27-21.

Vikings (-2.5) at Panthers- What team is less deserving of an 8-4 record than the Panthers? No one. This is the worst looking 8-4 team this year. Other than the Patriots, they really haven’t beaten anybody. The game against the Patriots was also in September, which everyone knows is when they experiment. Cam is way too inconsistent this year for me to trust them to beat the #1 team in the NFC. Vikings 31-17.

49ers at Texans (-3)- Garoppolo got his first win under his belt as the 49ers starter. Even though they didn’t score a TD, they still found a way to win. He looked like he found his favorite receiving target in Goodwin. Another week taking first string reps will only help Jimmy. I believe they put together some touchdown drives against Houston. 49ers 23-13.

Afternoon games

Jets (-1) at Broncos- Who would’ve thought that Denver would be home underdogs this late in the season? I for one didn’t. Even in their losses, the Jets have been able to put up some points. They’re averaging just over 27 points the last four games while the Denver defense is giving up just over 29 in that same period. Denver offense can’t score and their defense can’t stop anyone with a team that has been lighting up the scoreboard. Hmmm. I wonder who’s going to win. Jets 34-16.

Titans (-3) at Cardinals- If this game was in Nashville, it may be a different story. Cardinals have actually been a decent looking offense despite losing David Johnson and Carson Palmer. Their only downfall is they can’t stop anyone. I do think their defense is better than the Titans offense. Cardinals 22-17.

Redskins at Chargers (-6)- Here’s an example of a team traveling coast to coast. Redskins are hurting on offense while the Chargers are surprisingly in playoff contention. If you’ve read any of my wisdom before, you know that I don’t like taking teams that travel across country to try to win a games. Especially, against a team that has been playing well while you’re team is hurting. Chargers 24-16.

Eagles at Rams (-2)- Probably one of the best games of the weekend. If you read above, I don’t like taking teams that travel across country. There’s a caveat to this one: Eagles stayed on the west coast. They played Seattle last week and went right to LA after their game. So the travel rule doesn’t apply here. Eagles looked rough against Seattle last week. Seattle makes a lot of teams look rough when they have to play them in Seattle. I’m not sure they get their offensive woes fixed enough this week. Rams 27-21.

Seahwaks at Jaguars (-2.5)- How many weeks in a row are the Jaguars favorites? This has to be a record for them. Seattle is coming off a great win against the Eagles, but that was at home during prime time. Russell Wilson is undefeated being the underdog at home so it only made sense they won. Jaguars defense is better than the Eagles defense especially at taking down the quarterback. If they can get Fournette going, there’s no contest in this one. Jaguars 24-20.

Sunday Night

Ravens at Steelers (-4.5)- Big Ben is 6-0 in his last six prime time home starts. The last couple wasn’t really that impressive against the Packers and Bengals. They are riding a seven game winning streak, though. Ravens are just not that good. Their offense is way to inconsistent. They haven’t really used Danny Woodhead since his return. I know it’s going to be another hard fought game, but I don’t think the Ravens can go in to Pittsburgh and beat that offense. Steelers 24-10.

Monday Night

Patriots (-11) at Dolphins- So much disrespect it’s not even funny. Dolphins are 11 point underdogs, AT HOME. Patriots are going to be without Gronk in this game, which I don’t think will matter. Although, the Dolphins are going to be playing with Cutler so it might be closer than the 35-17 smack down Patriots put on them two weeks ago. Patriots 28-20.

There you have it folks! Last week was a good week. The only one I got wrong was the Chiefs losing to the Jets. Hopefully, I can keep the good streak going!



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