Baseball as we know it is over

Let me start off by saying Jeter is already the worst “owner” in MLB history.

Giancarlo Stanton, lead leader in HRs, was traded this morning to the New York fucking Yankees. I know what you’re thinking. They must’ve gutted their farm system or traded valuable major league assets. Nope. Sources say the only major league player is Starlin Castro. That means Clint Frazier is still a Yankee. The others are prospects that haven’t played above A ball, yet. So that means no Gleyber Torres in the trade.

Once Jeters group took over, they said they wanted to shed salary and start a rebuild. That was met with Giancarlo wanting to be traded, which makes sense because he’s not getting younger and has gone through two “rebuilds” already. With Stanton’s contract, he has a full no trade clause meaning he can veto any deal if he doesn’t want to play for that team. Reports are he used that in two potential deals. One to the Cardinals and one to the Giants. Now, the Yankees are getting away with murder.

If you don’t know Derek Jeter, he played his whole career with the Yankees. He was our generations Mr. Yankee. He has pulled off the biggest blunder in MLB history. There has to have been some sort of collusion with this deal. We need the MLB, the FBI, the CIA, Robert Mueller to investigate. Hell I’d even take Nancy Drew. We need all hands on deck to Make Baseball Great Again.

Lastly, this isn’t just coming from a salty Red Sox fan. Also, mark this day down and count how many it takes for Jeter to sell his shares in Marlins only to be hired as a front office executive for the Yankees. Calling it now.



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