Today’s the Day

If you’re confused as to why today’s the day, then you’re not a Packer or football fan. Aaron Rodgers is having his scan today to make sure that he can return to football this week. He’s been throwing for awhile, but they need to make sure it’s healed enough to take a hit.

Now, the question is whether it’s worth him coming back. The last 8 games have been a roller coaster of emotion to say the least. I think it still is worth him coming back since the Packers are only a game out from the playoffs. They play in Carolina, which has huge implications since they’ll be only a game back from #5 seed with a win. Also, technically, they still have a chance at the NFC North division title. Vikings lost meaning Packers are 3 games back with 3 to play and a match up week 16 in Lambeau.

For me, the best chance they have is with the #6 seed. Even though Falcons won, they have a tough schedule. They play in Tampa Bay, then at Saints with a week 17 matchup against Carolina. If they go 1-2 while Packers go 3-0, then the Packers will get the #6 seed in the playoffs. Now, there’s also another team that comes into play.


Seahawks lost to Jaguars this weekend to put them at 8-5. They finish their season against the Rams, Cowboys and Cardinals. The Packers need them to lose just one game. Packers hold the tie-breaker over Seattle with their week 1 victory.

So there’s a lot of dominoes that need to fall for them, but win out or none of it matters. Playoffs started two weeks ago against Tampa Bay and now they continue.

Let’s hope we get some good news today!



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