Fantasy Football

Week 14 Recap

We had an interesting weekend, in the NFL. From a snow storm to MVP candidate out for season, week 14 lived up to my expectations. We had two games go into overtime while having two others that were won on game winning field goals. We actually were given a pretty good full slate of football action. Let’s get into some of the headlines from week 14.

Packers are staying alive: They need some dominoes to fall their way for them to reach the playoffs, but it doesn’t matter if they don’t win their games. Cleveland proved to be a tough contest even though I thought Cleveland was going to be harder than the Tampa game. At times, McCarthy showed his incompetence, but was out done by the 0-12 Browns. Now, they are in a ‘wait and see’ mode on whether or not Aaron Rodgers will come back to make a postseason run. I wouldn’t count them out just yet if he does come back. The scans are done and they are in the evaluating stage of the process. Technically, they still have a shot at the NFC North title, if Vikings lose out.

Buffalo was a winter wonderland: What a game this was to see. It seemed like they were running in 3 ft of snow out there! During the broadcast, you could barely see and I couldn’t imagine how hard it was for the Bills to see the all white Colts during the game. There was a total of 96 rushes vs 38 passes between the two teams. To say that it was a running game, would be an understatement. The Bills ended up with a walk off touchdown in overtime. It was definitely a sight to see!

Carson Wentz is out for the season: This was a tough break. I’m not really high on the Eagles, but it’s a tough break for Carson. He was having a legit MVP-caliber season for the, now, 11-2 Eagles. What blows my mind is he tore his ACL, then continued to play for four more plays while throwing a touchdown. All on a torn ACL. Now, I’m not so sure Philly will take that big of a step back. They do have Nick Foles leading the offense now. He knows the system and what it takes to lead a Philly team. I do, however, think it opens up the NFC playoffs. Whether they secure the 1 seed or not, I’ve never thought the Eagles were the team to make it out of the NFC to begin with. Now that their MVP is done, it just got a whole lot harder.

Who’s number 1 in AFC?: Everybody is freaking out this morning about the Patriots losing to the Dolphins last night. What people don’t realize is Tom Brady actually has lost more in Miami than he has won. They never play good down in Miami. Did it hurt that Gronk was out? Absolutely. I do think they’re still the #1 team in the AFC. We will see Patriots vs Steelers this week that will most likely determine the #1 seed and #2 seed in the playoffs. As good as the Steelers have been, I wouldn’t want to play a pissed off Tom Brady coming off of a loss.

Fantasy Recap: After having my streak end last week, I redeemed myself with a nice 2-1 weekend. I had already secured the #1 seed in two leagues, but I secured another #1 slot in my NFC only league. Count it: That makes 3 #1 seeds in the playoffs. The pressure starts next week. It sucks being the favorite and losing first week of the playoffs.

Picks Recap: 8-7 (ouch)

Bills- W

Bears- W

Packers- W

Raiders- L

Giants- L

Buccaneers- L

Vikings- L

49ers- W

Jets- L

Cardinals- W

Chargers- W

Rams- L

Jaguars- W

Steelers- W

Patriots- L

There’s week 14 for you guys! The picks weren’t great, but I did win the Packers, 49ers and Chargers parlay from this weekend (nice!). How’s the playoffs looking for you?



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