Report: Packers doctors actually do their job

Remember earlier in the year when a certain player said the Packers doctors pushed him to play instead of have surgery?

Remember his Instagram story about how the team tried to “f*** him over”?

Remember when he said that Dr McKenzie didn’t do his job?

Hmm. Seems as though Dr McKenzie is really good at his job and the other Bennett brother was proven to be a liar just like his brother. Every report that I read, the Packers were at a “crossroads” with the decision for Aaron Rodgers to return. Aaron was trying to push to get back on the field, but the DOCTORs were the ones that were having second thoughts due to risk/reward.

After the “he who should not be named” came out against the doc, Aaron Rodgers came to his defense by saying the doc had to protect Aaron from himself at times with injuries. This situation proves that Dr McKenzie is actually very good at his job and isn’t persuaded into an opinion that’s not his own. For that, all of Packer nation thanks you Dr McKenzie.

Now, Packers fans can rejoice in the good news and watch as the rest of the NFL (and their fans) squirm at the thought of the baaaaaad man himself comes back. This is Aaron Rodgers’s world and we’re all just living in it.

Welcome back, 12. I’ve missed you.



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