Fantasy Football

Week 15 Picks

And we’re back to sports.

I just wanted to quickly touch base on the Thursday night game. We, finally, saw the last of the Thursday night games for the year. I’m not a big fan of them because they’re very hit or miss games. It’s too quick of a turn around and guys get hurt or they don’t play to their abilities.

Anyways, we saw Denver beat the Colts 25-13. Trevor Siemian went out with an shoulder injury and Osweiler step in to save the day for the 5-9 Broncos. It’s hard to imagine, but this is the first win on the road for Denver ALL YEAR long. These two teams have a lot of question marks heading into the offseason and it starts with both teams quarterback situation. Who starts for Denver? Does Andrew Luck come back?

Now, let’s get into what we all came for: Week 15 picks

Saturday (remember this for fantasy reasons)

Bears at Lions (-5.5)- This is a tough one to pick. Bears seemed to have a coming out party for Trubisky last week, but it was against the Bengals. Detroits secondary is a lot better so I’m not expecting that great of a game out of 10Gawd (as some call him). Stafford is banged and is in December Stafford form. They are also going to be down two offensive lineman in this game. It’s going to be close, but I’m going underdog here. Bears 24-23.

Chargers (-1) at Chiefs- After starting the season 5-0, the Chiefs are tied at 7-6 with the Chargers for the division. Everybody jumped on the Chiefs bandwagon as well as the Alex Smith MVP wagon as well. Guess who didn’t? This guy. I knew they would come back down to earth, but I didn’t expect it to be this bad. Andy Reid must read the posts because he finally gave Kareem Hunt the ball. Guess what happened? They won. KEEP FEEDING THE YOUNG MAN! Chiefs 27-24.

Sunday Noon games

Dolphins at Bills- This game is a pick em game. Before everyone jumps on Dolphins bandwagon, stop. Last week was a fluke for the year. Brady was 7-8 going into that game when playing in Miami. Week 14 is also a historic week that Brady lays an egg. So stop. Miami is going into the cold and out of the nice warmth of Miami. I expect them to lay an egg coming off a win like they had against the Patriots. Bills 17-10

Ravens (-7) at Browns- Browns almost came away with a win last week against the Packers. They have been in games all year long, but haven’t been able to close them out. Ravens lost their star corner in Jimmy Smith with an Achilles injury so they are going to need everybody to cover Josh Gordon. The Browns, typically, save their win for right around Christmas just to give their fans a Christmas present. I think Christmas is coming early in Cleveland. Browns 23-17.

Bengals at Vikings (-10.5)- The Vikings need to win this game. If they don’t, they play Aaron Rodgers in a revenge game in Lambeau next week. So if they don’t win this week, the division could come down to the last week of the year. I don’t think Vikings want that to happen. As good as a defense Vikings have, they didn’t look the part last week. Carolina ran the ball all over them. Is the secret to beating the Vikings by running? That may be. You know who has a couple good running backs? Bengals. With that said, I would like to see the Vikings lose, but I’m going with my gut. Vikings 28-24.

Jets at Saints (-15)- It was a tough break last week for the Jets. Josh McCown went down for the year with a broken hand. Reports are that Bryce Petty will get the nod to start for the Jets. I just don’t think it’s going to matter that much since the Jets stink and the Saints are very good, especially at home. Saints 31-13.

Eagles (-7.5) at Giants- Carson Wentz went down with a torn ACL last week with Nick Foles returning to the starting quarterback position in his absence. If you remember last time, Foles isn’t your average back up quarterback. He did dwindle a little bit, but that was under Jeff Fischer. Not really known to be a quarterback guy. With the emotion going into this game, I don’t think Giants stand a chance even with Manning starting a new streak. Eagles 26-13.

Cardinals at Redskins (-4.5)- Although it’s not coast to coast, it’s still in realm of the scenario that I don’t like to pick teams traveling this far to go win games. I know that the Redskins are hurting, but it’s week 15 of the season and everyone’s hurting. If they can keep Kirk upright, I think Redskins run away with this game handily. But, I don’t see that happen so it’s going to be a closer game. Redskins 21-17.

Packers at Carolina (-3)- Carolina beat the Vikings on the ground last week. The way to beat the Packers is through the air. They actually have a pretty good run defense so it begs the question: Do you trust Cam to throw it 40 times? I don’t. On the other side, Packers are getting back the baaaaaad man Aaron Rodgers. Given the run game the past 8 weeks and his first game back, Rodgers will be throwing all over the field. Packers 28-20.

Texans at Jaguars (-12)- To put it simply: Jags 23-10. Texans can’t stop the Jags dline and won’t be able to throw against their secondary.

Afternoon Games

Rams at Seahawks (-1.5)- Rams will be looking to get back on track to stay at #3 seed in the NFC. They let one slip by when Wentz went down last week against them. With the amount of injuries that Seattle has, I don’t see them able to keep the front 7 of LA tamed for too long. I also don’t see them able to stop Gurley or even Goff for that matter. The Legion of Boom is no longer. Rams 24-21.

Patriots (-2.5) at Steelers- This game will pretty much determine who gets #1 seed and home field advantage in the playoffs. Patriots are coming off an embarrassing loss to the Dolphins last week. Tom Brady thrives in revenge games as well as this type of game. As good as Steelers have been, I don’t see them able to stop a pissed of Tom Brady (for the record, I don’t see anybody beating a pissed off Tom Brady). Patriots 27-23.

Titans at 49ers (-2)- I’m going to keep riding the Jimmy G train until I can’t anymore. I love Jimmy Garropolo and you should too. Titans stink. Mariota stinks. 49ers 20-17.

Sunday Night

Cowboys (-3) at Raiders- Look. Raiders are horrible this year. As bad as they have been, they’re only one game out from playoffs. Cowboys will be getting Zeke back soon, but it won’t be against the Raiders. Dak has looked pretty good the last couple weeks, but the defense has been suspect all year. Raiders 26-24.

Monday Night

Atlanta (-6.5) at Tampa Bay- Atlanta plays Tampa, Saints and Carolina to finish out the regular season. They need to win at least 2 games to have a chance at the playoffs. I’ve always said that they were going to finish the season 1-2. That win will be this week against Tampa Bay. Atlanta 23-17.




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