Fantasy Football

Week 15 Recap

Well, the dreaded day is here folks. Packers are officially eliminated from playoff contention. I hear all the chirps from fans of teams in our division, but they always forget who runs the NFC North. No other team, in the division, has made the playoffs more times in a row than the Packers. Vikings fans have been the worst throughout this year just from the simple fact that most of them have no clue what they’re talking about. Also, if Aaron Rodgers doesn’t get hurt, Vikings aren’t winning the division. Simple as that.

Here’s some other highlights from the weekend.

What is a catch?: There were three instances that prove we still don’t know what a counts as a catch. First one, Panthers receiving bobbling and landing only his butt in bounds while Packers player had hand on him. The call was he was downed by contact even though he never had two points of contact in bounds. Second, Allison’s catch and fumble. More times than not, they call that play an incomplete pass and move on. Lastly, Pittsburgh Steelers tight end at the goal line. I agree with the reversal. What I don’t agree with is the rule. His knee was down and he reached over the goal line breaking the plane. If it were a running back, once the ball breaks the plane, then the play is over.

NFL needs some kind of targeting call: Thomas Davis’s hit on Davante Adams is another reason NFL needs a call to disqualify players. Adams was no where near the play and Davis launched at his head. You can say he was just trying to make a block. Okay well players don’t block at the head level with their head. Also, the play wasn’t just helmet to helmet. It was also on a defenseless player. Panther’s head coach was saying that you could see Davis was distraught after the play. Yeah I’d be distraught too if I wasn’t getting paid the next couple weeks.

Eagles will lose first round of playoffs: Nick Foles will not bring them to the Super Bowl. The defense is not the defense that who we thought they were. The last two weeks they’ve given up 64 points. This week was 29 points to the Giants. Yes, 29 points to an offense without their top 2 wide receivers. The team that just fired their head coach and the team that is now 2-12. For you Eagles fans, I know Foles just tossed 4 touchdowns. I don’t care about that. He did it against the GIANTS. They also didn’t have Collins in that game who went out with an injury. I’m just trying to make it easier for you to live with the early postseason loss.

Fantasy Recap: I won both of my semi-finals match ups to advance to the championship. I also won the league that had the regular season end this week. Only problem I have is losing Antonio Brown to injury. It’ll be interesting to see what happens. One league I lost Brown while my opponent is getting back Zeke.

Picks Recap: 11-4

Bears- L

Chiefs- W

Bills- W

Browns- L

Vikings- W

Saints- W

Eagles- W

Redskins- W

Packers- L

Jaguars- W

Rams- W

Patriots- W

49ers- W

Raiders- L

Atlanta- W



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