Fantasy Football

Week 16 Fantasy: Championship Edition

The week has come. You’ve been preparing for this moment all year long. You have dominated your friends, family and coworkers. Stomped on their hearts as you made it to the finals while their season went down the toilet.

Now, all eyes are on you and what you decide to do to take home the coveted Championship. Whether it’s for money or a trophy of some sort, you are always playing for the right to talk shit all year long. For the Carson Wentz teams or the Antonio Brown teams, I feel for you. I’m here to help you.

Here are my top adds for Championship week.


Nick Foles- This is your obvious choice if the quarterback that carried your team was Carson Wentz all year long. Foles isn’t your typical back up quarterback since he was once a starter and was a successful one at that. He went for 237 yards and 4 touchdowns against the Giants last week. Although that’s impressive, it was still against the Giants defense who were without Landon Collins for most of the game. This week, they play the Raiders. I would expect him to have a similar game with not as many touchdowns.

Jimmy Garoppolo- Throwing this out there for the third week in row. Just add him already.


Mike Davis- Throw last week out of the window. Seahawks were getting destroyed so the run game was out of the question. After halftime, they went with J.D. McKissic. I expect them to go back to Davis this week against the Cowboys.

Mike Gillislee- The TD vulture of Championship week is here folks. Burkhead went out of last week’s game with a sprained knee and isn’t expected back this week. Gillislee went into the doghouse since he couldn’t get anything going, then Lewis came back along with Burkhead getting more playing time. With Burkhead out, expect Gillislee to get goal line and short yardage carries. Also, keep in mind it’s against his old team.


Martavis Bryant- Not going to get into too much since we all know what he brings to the table. With Brown out, I have Bryant next in line for targets while Smith-Schuster stays in the same role. I’m sure Smith-Schuster is not available so check to see if Bryant is out there to roll in Brown’s absence.


Eric Ebron- I know, I know. He’s not a very reliable tight end. They play Cincy this week and their defense doesn’t scare me one bit. The last two weeks Ebron is averaging 7.5 receptions for 63.5 yards. I’d take those numbers any day of the week out of a tight end.

There you have it. Those are my top adds and hoping they help you out.

I have 2 championships this week while a semi-final in another. Hoping for some good results this weekend.

Good Luck



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