A nice Thursday read…

I was sitting here thinking of something to write about. Going through some of the sporting news, but not really finding something that was worth giving my opinion on. So I thought to myself “What should I write about today?”. As of this sentence, I still have no clue where this is going to go, but I just need to write. I think I’m just going to do a recap of my week.


Because I can. That’s what’s great about running your own blog.

Last week, I posted about needing help getting the attention of Barstool. Well, I’m here to say that it… didn’t work. That’s okay though I didn’t really have high expectations for something like that to work. It won’t deter me from continuing to write or even continue trying to get a hold of someone’s attention there. That’s still my main goal. I’ll still continue delivering my people their posts, in the mean time. So if you didn’t tweet at them or send them anything, well you still have a chance.

Currently, life is getting stressful. We sold our home thinking we will find a new house to buy right away. Boy, were we wrong. Now, we’re living in the basement of my in-laws. It’s great. It’s definitely great. Like I said, it’s great. Do you believe me now?

On top of all this, Packers season is over. Some say we have been spoiled because we’ve been to the post season for the last 8 years. I tell them to f*** off. We should’ve been to the Super Bowl the last 8 years. I laugh, they laugh and we go our separate ways. I still have a dog, in the fight with the Patriots. They’re different for me, though. I use the analogy of the Patriots is my star child that I don’t need to worry about. They will get their homework done and go on to have a 4.0 for the year. The Packers is the child that needs help every night doing their homework. They need to be sat down to explain why we do this or what this means. Then, they surprise us with an A on their report card, but end up with a C average. So to boil it down, the weekends aren’t going to be as stressful, which I guess is good for the heart.

I know, most of you, have probably given up on this post already, but for the real winners: Welcome. Did I lie about this being a good Thursday read? I did. So thank you.

Lastly, go follow me on twitter would you? @derek_razz

Oops, now everyone knows my first name. Damn.

Until next time,



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