Fantasy Football

Week 16 Picks

Here we are on a Friday where we didn’t have a Thursday night game. Instead, we have games Saturday, Sunday and Monday. What a weekend. It would only be better if we had better match ups going on. Since we didn’t have a game last night, we will go straight into the picks.

Saturday Games

Colts at Ravens (-13.5)- Huge spread to cover. I don’t think the Ravens cover this spread, but I do think they win. Colts have only 1 win on the road, this year. To top it off, the Ravens are in the midst of a playoff run so they need the win more than the Colts. The Colts are playing for a draft pick. Ravens 23-14.

Vikings (-9) at Packers- I think this game is going to be more interesting than most people. I see a lot of Vikings fans stating that this game is meaningless. As I’ve said, that just shows the Vikings aren’t ready to take the next step. They’re still playing for a first round bye along with home field advantage. Packers have a history of destroying NFC North opponents playoff dreams. They’re also out for revenge. I’m still going with my gut. Vikings 28-27.

Sunday Noon games

Browns at Bears (-6.5)- I picked the Browns last week thinking they were going to beat the Ravens. My bad. They are destined to win at least one game. They usually make it Christmas weekend that they win. If you look at pure talent, I think the Browns have better talent on their team than the Bears do. Browns 23-17.

Lions (-4) at Bengals- It’s December. It’s outside. It’s away. Matthew Stafford doesn’t play well in the cold. I know it’s against the Bengals and there’s rumors Marvin Lewis is out. This is when Marvin wins when he’s not supposed to win. Bengals 24-20.

Rams (-7) at Titans- Did you see what the Rams did to the Seahawks last week? In Seattle to top it off! Rams 31-14.

Dolphins at Chiefs (-10.5)- The Dolphins already won their Super Bowl by beating the Patriots. They lost last week against the Bills outside in the cold. It’s not going to be sunny South Beach this week either. Chiefs opened up their offense last week and finally figured out they need to get Hunt in the game. Chiefs 27-17.

Bills at Patriots (-12)- Both teams need to win. Patriots need to win to keep the AFC playoffs going through Foxboro. Bills need to win to keep their playoff hopes alive. The Patriots are 12-3 against the Bills since 2010. To say they have their number, is an understatement. Patriots 24-10.

Falcons at Saints (-6)- Revenge game for the Saints. This game will give the upper hand for NFC South title. Last time, Kamara was knocked out on the first drive of the game, which looked like it took the Saints out of their game plan. Kamara is going to have a huge game (partly because I need him to). Saints are going to clinch the division. Saints 34-28.

Chargers (-6.5) at Jets- As some of you know, I don’t like to pick teams that travel across country. I would apply that rule to this situation if McCown was still at quarterback. Chargers are still in the playoff race as well as the divisional race, but they need this win more than the Jets need this win. Chargers 20-17.

Broncos at Redskins (-3)- Early injury reports have Perine as questionable to play. I know that may not sound like much, but it does if the Redskins want to be able to throw the ball. They don’t have the receiving core to have Cousins sit back and pick apart the defense. Redskins need to be able to run the ball. To top it off, Broncos have 1 win on the road this season, which I don’t think they add on to that total this week. Their offense doesn’t scare me as well as their defense. Redskins 23-16.

Buccaneers at Panthers (-10)- There’s not much to say about this game. Buccaneers seem like they are always in the game, but then mess up at the end. They almost beat the Lions last week and the Packers two weeks ago. Winston hasn’t figured out how to win games late. Panthers are in the midst of a playoff run even though I think they’re the worst 10-4 team in recent memory. Panthers 23-20.

Sunday Afternoon Games

Jaguars (-4.5) at 49ers- I’m really high on Jimmy G. I have been and will always be. This is his first true test with the Jaguars secondary. Bouye and Ramsey were selected to the Pro Bowl last week, which solidifies how well they’ve played this year. It’s easy when your front 7 is as dominant as Sacksonville’s has been. If we get Bortles of late, this game will be over quickly, but with the travel we will get a tamed Bortles. Jaguars 26-21.

Seahawks at Cowboys (-5)- Zeke is back this week. Seattle seems to be in shambles. They got trounced at home against the Rams last week. They may be looking for some redemption, but I don’t see it. With the hype around Zeke, Cowboys will be playing an emotional game. Those, usually, don’t end well for the other team. Cowboys 28-13.

Giants at Cardinals (-3.5)- Ha. You think I’m going to waste my time going over these teams? You’re nuts. Cardinals 20-10.

Monday Games

Steelers (-9) at Texans- Steelers dropped a nail biter last week. They’re looking for some redemption. They will be without Antonio Brown until the playoffs so it’ll be interesting to see what they do. They’re going to need a couple players, not just one, to step up and fill his shoes. This may or may not be a big game for Bell. I see them testing the waters and going with the flow. With a team, like Houston, you can have an outline of a game plan, then adjust to what they give you. Steelers 34-20.

Raiders at Eagles (-9)- Again, we have a team traveling across the country to try and win a game. A team that has been a big disappointment against one of the better teams in the NFC. Eagles defense has been a sieve as of late, but it doesn’t matter when you’re offense can put up points. The game will be closer than the 9 point spread, but I think the Eagles still continue to win. Eagles 24-20.

Interesting set of games. Not a lot of exciting games, but there are some that will be better than billed.



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