Annnd we’re back.. with a Packers rant

I hope everyone had a good long weekend as well as a Merry Christmas. Mine was spent with a Christmas on Saturday, another Sunday, then finished off with one yesterday. Anyways, let’s get back to writing about sports.

Let’s start by saying, Saturday was the most embarrassing day as a Packer fan. I get it. We’re out of the playoffs and not #1 in NFC North. The product they put out on that field on Saturday was a smack in the face to Packer fans. Especially, the ones that paid all that money for tickets, gas, food, etc to be at that game. I don’t recall ever having a team just give up like that. There was no hussle, no care, no motivation, etc. If Vince Lombardi saw that, I don’t think anyone would have a job with the Packers anymore. He was rolling in his grave at the sight of what happened.

The Vikings, who ended your season, came in to your house and smacked us in the mouth. There should’ve been added motivation to destroy them. There should’ve been added motivation to go out there and prove your worth. Throughout the game, the Packers team looked like a pop warner football team, at best. They seemed like they didn’t want to be out there. Also, don’t get me started on Mike McCarthy. That game was single handedly the worst called game ever. You have your opinion. I have mine.

Some fans were telling me “Well we have to see what we have in our younger or more inexperienced players”. Trust me, I get that. What that game proved, to me, is Ted Thompson is worse than what people think. He can’t put a championship caliber team together along with having players that can step in to contribute. Look at the Patriots. They can take players, who suck mind you, from other teams and get the best out of them. Look at Dion Lewis. Look at Jabaal Sheard. Look at Legarrette Blount. There’s endless players on that team that never had the chance until they went to that culture. Ted isn’t as good of an evaluator as you think. It’s proven. Hey Casey Heyward, how you doin?

So now what?

If Dom Capers still has a job, that would be the biggest travesty in the NFL. Throw Ted Thompson in there as well. I know I bash Mike McCarthy a lot, but I believe all he needs is an actual offensive coordinator to call plays. That way he can focus on the team instead of just the offense. If not, he can go too. Below is my wish list:

-Fire Capers

-Restructure Jordy’s contract

-Extend Adams

-Sign Evans to another year

-Restructure or cut Matthews

-Restructure or cut Cobb

-See ya TT, hello Eliot

-Draft another shut down corner (edge rusher will be on that list as well)

-Either get an offensive coordinator or say hello to Josh McDaniels

-Sign Jimmy Graham

-Get another offensive play maker either through FA or Draft

The list could go on, but I’ll safe for another date when we get more into the offseason.

Tell me. What would you like to see happen?




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