Fantasy Football

Week 16 Weekend Recap

Week 16 included most of fantasy championships as well as NFL playoff implications. If you made it to the championship, congrats and hope the outcome was in your favor. Now, let’s get into the week 16 headlines.

The top 2 seeds in NFC won’t make Super Bowl: Hear me out. Eagles are the number 1 seed right now, but their defense has been lacking as of late. Nick Foles is not a championship quarterback and he showed this week. Minnesota has the defense to win the Super Bowl, but they messed up by not securing home field advantage. This could change this week, but Eagles aren’t losing at home against the Cowboys. Vikings, also, don’t have an offense that can keep up. The two teams that are going to fight it out for the Super Bowl are the Rams and the Saints. They both have high octane offenses with pretty good, not great, defenses. Overall, the Rams and Saints are better than the Vikings and the Eagles. I know what you’re saying “The Vikings beat the Rams”. I don’t care about that both teams are different this late in the season. Did you see the Rams dismantle the Seahawks?

Who’s contesting the Patriots?: As of right now, I’d be more afraid of the Jaguars than I would the Steelers. Steelers keep saying that Antonio Brown will be back for the playoffs, but at what capacity? Is he going to be 100% or even 75%? Who knows. What I know is the Jaguars have a better defense than the Steelers. What kind of defense hurts the Patriots? The kind that gets to Tom Brady. The ones that can fluster him while being able to cover their WRs. Sound familiar?

Jimmy G is the real deal: I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. This kid is going to be remembered as an Aaron Rodgers type quarterback. The only difference is he’s more vocal. Makes sense since he learned from Tom Brady. The guy can make any throw and any decision. At the end of his career, we’re going to talk about how John Lynch and the 49ers stole Jimmy from the Patriots. Especially since, the 2nd round draft pick keeps falling with the wins they’re racking up. I’d be very surprised if he didn’t get a long term deal this offseason. At the very least, it would be pretty easy to justify a franchise tag.

Are Chiefs getting hot at the right time?: Remember the days when you would pick the underdog that got hot at the right time to win the Super Bowl? Well, those days aren’t here anymore. Chiefs may win a game, in the playoffs, but I don’t see them contending. Given Andy Reid’s history, they will underwhelm in the postseason. They have been hot as of late because of Andy Reid giving up play calling. The biggest reason why I don’t think they will amount to anything is because they’ll have to do most of it on the road. I don’t see them getting passed the Jaguars and certainly not passed the Patriots.

Picks Recap: 13-3

Ravens- W

Vikings- W

Browns- L

Bengals- W

Rams- W

Chiefs- W

Patriots- W

Saints- W

Chargers- W

Redskins- W

Panthers- W

Jaguars- L

Cardinals- W

Cowboys- L

Steelers- W

Eagles- W

Fantasy recap: I was in two championships this week. I won one and lost one. The third league, I advanced to the championship for week 17. I won with Todd Gurley and lost against Todd Gurley. The only difference is the one I won was my big money league. It hurt less to lose in the other league..

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