Fantasy Football

Week 17 Picks

The dreaded week is here. The last week of the regular season. It has to be the worst week of the year because football is ending. Don’t get me wrong, I love the playoffs, but it’s great every week with the anticipation of a full slate of football. But at last, we are here. I’m going to do something different with the picks this week. Usually, I dive deep into what my thought process is when I make the picks. With so many teams out of playoff contention, I will only dive into the ones that have playoff implications. We don’t care about the teams that have nothing to play for and are starting back ups to end the season.

So here we go..

Noon Games

Packers at Lions (-6.5)- Lions

Texans at Colts (-5)- Texans

Bears at Vikings (-11.5)- Vikings.. Vikings have something to play for as far as home field, but they’re playing the Bears at home.

Jets at Patriots (-15)- Patriots.. Same spot as the Vikings. Only playing for home field.

Redskins (-3) at Giants- Redskins

Cowboys (-3) at Eagles- Eagles.. Not sure why Cowboys are favored because they suck even with Zeke. Eagles are looking to secure home field.

Browns at Steelers (-10.5)- Steelers.. Looking for home field

Afternoon Games

Panthers at Falcons (-3.5)- First big game on the slate. Falcons win, they’re in. Panthers win, they have a shot at the division and a home game. I still think the Panthers are the worst 11-4 team in recent memory. They’re scrappy and get teams on their worst day. Falcons are somewhat of an enigma. You never know what you’re getting when it comes to them. Advantage is they’re playing at home. I’m taking the Falcons.

Chiefs at Broncos (-3.5)- Chiefs.. Sitting starters since they’re playoff position is clinched

Jaguars at Titans (-3)- Jaguars.. Jaguars are locked in at #3 spot, but the Titans win and they’re in. If they lose, then they need the Chargers and Ravens to lose. I haven’t read anything about Jaguars sitting starters or not, but if they do, the Titans win. Still taking Jags since they’re starting their starters.

49ers (-3.5) at Rams- 49ers.. Rams are sitting Goff, Gurley and Donald among other starters. With how 49ers are playing, they will beat the back ups.

Bills (-2.5) at Dolphins- Bills.. NFL needs Bills mafia in the playoffs

Raiders at Chargers (-8)- Chargers.. Chargers win and they have a chance at playoffs. Raiders suck, simple as that.

Cardinals at Seahawks (-9.5)- Seahawks.. A win doesn’t get them in, but they need to win to have a chance. Falcons hold the tiebreaker so if they both win or both lose, then the Falcons are in.

Saints (-6.5) at Buccaneers- Saints.. Saints win and they win they’re division guaranteeing them a home game in the playoffs. I think they need that more than any other team in the playoff field. Not saying they need it throughout, but getting that first win can build confidence for an away game later on.

Bengals at Ravens (-9.5)- Ravens.. Bengals suck. Ravens win and they’re in.

Let me know, for next season, if this is better or you like the deep dive into the reason behind the madness. I do like analyzing and putting my opinions on the games, but not sure if readers are liking the analysis.

Also, I’m thinking about having a NFL Playoff Bracket competition. Probably just for fun this year to see how it goes. It’ll work just like March Madness, but puts a little extra into watching each game. Message me on twitter if interested @derek_razz.

Thanks for reading!



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