Fantasy Football

Week 17 Recap

The final regular season recap is here. It’s kind of depressing sitting here and trying to write about week 17. It feels like yesterday the start of the season began. I wish they would have a month off, then restart. I know we have baseball around the corner, but football is the best thing since sliced bread. Let’s not prolong this and get into the recap.

Who’s coming out of the NFC?: Week 17 showed us a lot in how the teams operate. Saints showed they can’t be trusted on the road. Eagles offense is not the same without Carson Wentz. Can Vikings offense keep up with high octane offenses? For me, the Rams are coming out of the NFC. They sat most of their starters this week so I’m taking the game tape out of my thought process. McVay took the risk of losing a playoff seed with sitting his starters, but also got them the much needed rest going into the playoffs. That could possibly be the best thing to happen to any of the NFC hopefuls. I’m sticking with my original pick: Rams.

Who’s coming out of the AFC?: Without being biased, the Patriots. If you look at the other teams, they aren’t ready to take the next step. Jaguars are a great story, sure. They just can’t be trusted in a situation of going into Foxboro to beat the Patriots to go to the Super Bowl. I know what you’re saying, but they beat Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh. Well, that’s not the same as going into Foxboro during the middle of winter to try and win the game to get to the Super Bowl. Not happening. Also, there’s no way Pittsburgh goes into New England to advance. Those are the only teams I would have a shred of confidence in beating the Patriots.

Packers got their offseason started: First things first, I don’t like cheering for someones job or livelihood. In the NFL profession, it’s results driven. When you’re consistently not delivering ideal results, it’s time to go in a new direction. Dom Capers should be thanked for his time in Green Bay, but it should be a good riddance kind of thanking. Ted Thompson is taking a new role within the organization. Again, that should be a “Thanks, but see ya later”. I posted my wishlist for the Packers offseason. I think they read that because they completed my top 3 items. Resigning Adams was number one followed by firing Dom as 2a and making a change with Ted as 2b. You’re welcome, Packer Nation.

Picks Recap: 9-7

Lions- W

Texans- L

Vikings- W

Patriots- W

Redskins- L

Eagles- L

Steelers- W

Falcons- W

Chiefs- W

Jaguars- L

49ers- W

Bills- W

Chargers- W

Seahawks- L

Saints- L

Ravens- L

Lastly, I would like to report that I did take home a second championship on the year for fantasy. So that ends my year at 2-1 for championships and 39-10 overall.



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