2018 Goals

I know I’ve been straying away from sports blogs for a little bit here, but I’ve been receiving some great feedback on these types of blogs. So I wanted to share with you some of the goals, ideas and ambitions that I have for the new year.

Instead of patting myself on the back for 2017, I want to keep going. I accomplished a lot of personal goals or as some call it their New Year’s Resolution in 2017.

What happens when goals are met?

People start to become complacent. Me, I want to see if I can accomplish higher goals or push myself to be even better in 2018. I want to try and see how uncomfortable I can make myself to achieve things that are unimaginable to me. I want to test my boundaries. I want to experience life like I haven’t experienced it.

First things first. I put out on my Facebook page about starting a monthly goal challenge for people interested. The idea that I have is to come up with something every month to test ourselves. For instance, this month, I started a ketogenic diet. I’ve never actually gone on a diet or followed some kind of guidelines as to what I could and couldn’t eat. I researched and researched until I listened to a Joe Rogan podcast (great listen by the way) that sold me on a ketogenic diet. Another idea is to go completely sober for a whole month. Start and finish a book within the same month. Go on a walk for 30 minutes a day. Be outside for an hour a day. I think you get the idea of what a challenge can be.

Now, the idea isn’t to do things that I am challenging myself to do. The idea is to challenge yourself. Some of the challenges that I do may not be a challenge to you. You may look at it as something that’s easy for you. That’s great, but then come up with something different that would be a challenge. By doing it monthly, you don’t have to feel like you failed your year because you made this one thing your New Year’s Resolution. If you fail a month, no problem do it again the next or go into the next goal with a higher determination that you won’t fail, again.

(Side note: I’m calling them goals and breaking them up monthly because I don’t like calling them New Year’s Resolutions. Also, it’s easier to keep doing something in a month than it is to go a whole year)

Last year, I read that it takes 22 days to make something a habit. So who knows? Maybe, the things that we are challenging ourselves to do become habits that we keep.

My other main goal is to set up a vlog YouTube channel. That is the most uncomfortable thing that I could try. It was hard enough to start writing, but to try and tell a story while filming is going to be nerve wrecking.

If you would like to join, then please add me on Facebook (Derek Rasmussen) or on Twitter @derek_razz. Also, you can follow along on here as well if you click the follow button. I hope we can grow the challenge to get people involved and to get people motivated to challenge themselves.



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