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NFL Playoff Picks

Now that we’re passed wild card weekend, I can get into my Super Bowl picks. It probably isn’t going to come as a surprise, to some of you, on who my picks are going to be. But before we get into that, let’s talk a little bit about what happened last weekend.

If I were a Chiefs fan, I would be very very frustrated. Almost to the point of where the Eagles fans were at the end of the Reid era. The team has the talent and the staff to make things happen. I had Kareem Hunt in fantasy this year. When they were winning, the offense went through him. When they were losing, they abandoned him. What I don’t understand is how you get up 21-3 and your NFL leading rusher gets 11 carries. Hmm. Hunt had 6 carries while they padded their lead, then only 5 the rest of the way and they lose? Am I the only one that sees the connection? To top it off, the offensive coordinator just got a job as the head coach with the Bears. How? I’m just glad I’m not a Chiefs fan.

The other games were not too exciting. Bills vs Jaguars was a juggernaut of a game (I hope you catch the sarcasm). Rams special teams let them down. Saints almost let it slip away.

Now let’s get into the Division round.

Falcons at Eagles- I’m hoping the Eagles can come together for one more game. I can’t stand the Falcons. Between them and the Panthers, there’s just an aura about them that I don’t like. Last week, the Rams beat the Rams. It wasn’t like the Falcons looked good and they haven’t in awhile. With how things have been going for me, I’m taking the Falcons because I want them to lose. ATL 24-23.

Titans at Patriots- Out of all postseason games, this has to be Tom Brady’s easiest opponents. I’ve seen posts about the teams and quarterbacks Tom has faced on the way to AFC Championship games. I agree that they haven’t been the best, but then stop them from getting the #1 or #2 seed every year. Do they play in a weak division? Of course, but that’s only 6 games out of the year. They play a first place schedule every year so why can’t the other first place teams beat them? Titans are riding a high right now, but I don’t think it’s enough to go into Foxboro to beat Tom in the postseason. Maybe if it was September. Patriots 30-13.

Jaguars at Steelers- Jaguars went into to Pittsburgh and dismantled them. Do I think it happens again? No, but I do think this game is going to be closer than people think. There are Steelers that are already looking at the Patriots. When teams do that, they forget the task at hand and gives their opponents the upper hand. I don’t think Big Ben throws another 5 picks, but they will still give him grief. Especially, if Antonio Brown isn’t fully healthy. Jaguars 20-17.

Saints at Vikings- I literally hate the Vikings and most of their fans. I’m on my knees begging the Saints to stop them. When it comes to the postseason, I lean towards the team with the quarterback who has the most postseason experience. Luckily, it’s the Saints. Now, do I believer the Saints are going to run through them? No. I do think this is a big Kamara/Ingram game. The Vikings have a pretty good secondary and Thomas will have troubles against Rhodes. Saints 27-21.

NFL divisional round picks are in! See you next week for the championship round picks!



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