I miss pizza

I know I’ve been writing about my diet lately, but today is a rough day. The hardest part about the Ketogenic diet that I’ve been on has been giving up pizza. I thought the hardest part might’ve been beer, but pizza has been what I miss most. The crust, the sauce and all that cheese has been calling out to me lately. Probably doesn’t help that I watch Dave “El Presidente” Portnoy of Barstool Sports everyday when he does his pizza reviews. If you haven’t seen him, I highly suggest it.

I knew the first week would be pretty easy because I was pumped up to start and see what happens. Also, I always thought this week would be the hardest. I came into the week with the mentality of “I have 3 weeks left?!”. When Monday comes, it’s going to be “I only have 2 weeks left?”. For those of you who haven’t followed, I am doing a monthly challenge this year. January is going the whole month on the Ketogenic diet. I know you’re supposed to go longer, but with the results so far I think I’ll be where I want to be. I want to get to a weight where I can maintain. I’m not saying that I’m going back to a diet that doesn’t include some structure, but it won’t be as intense as this has been.

Last year, when I lost 45 lbs, I ate clean all week, then had a cheat meal on Sunday. It always gave me something to look forward to as well as something to work towards. Throughout each week, I knew doing the things that I was doing would lead towards a nice reward on Sunday. I’m a big believer it cheat meals. It gives you a chance to indulge and get it out of your system. Kind of a system reset for the next week. The only issue is if you make it a cheat day. You have to keep it to just one meal.

I know I went off on a little bit of a tangent, but I just really miss pizza and having a cheat meal to look forward too. I’m sure next week I’ll have more motivation to write because my mentality about this monthly challenge will be different.

Lastly, if you could enjoy pizza for me that would be greatly appreciated. Pizza deserves to be devoured and enjoyed by the masses. If you don’t like pizza, your trust level with me is suspect right away. Kind of like when a dog doesn’t trust a human.



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