Day 14: Ketogenic Diet

Day 14

The second week was way harder than the first week. At first, I felt great, but then last week it turned on me. I don’t know if it was the diet or other factors, but it definitely wasn’t the same as the first. I’m thinking it was more the type of foods that I ate than it was anything. They were a little more fat based than anything, but still was within the limits of the diet.

Weight: 184.8 down 10.8 lbs

Sleep: Tough week to judge sleep. I had a migraine for 3 days, which come and go from time to time so nothing to do with the diet. I still woke up with more energy than normal, but energy was sustained throughout the day.

Training: Not much changed as far as training went last week. I did add having a soccer game on Thursday nights as well as played basketball for 2 hours friday night. So the only difference was a little extra cardio.

Food Intake: Breakfast and lunch didn’t change much. Instead of omelets, I had a couple days of hard boiled eggs and a string cheese. For dinner, I made a buffalo chicken casserole. That lasted me for two nights because no one else wanted to try it. I did incorporate a couple days of fasting. The reason I did was because I didn’t have an appetite. I read that was a side effect where I may not be hungry at times. So instead of forcing myself to eat, I fasted.

Overall feel: It was a trying week. I had a bad mentality throughout last week. A little bit because it was only week 2 with 3 weeks left. The other was because of my headaches. Today, though, I have a different mindset and feel really good about the rest of the month.

Last week, I changed my goal down to 182 lbs by the end. I’m just above that right now so I’m going to keep it at 182 lbs, for now. Hopefully, I’ll be down to 182 by the end of the week.

Thanks for tuning in!



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