Day 21: Ketogenic Diet

Day 21

Another week has passed and I feel better than I did after week 2. If you recall, week 2 was a rough week for me. It was more of a rough week mentally than it was physically or about the diet. I had to make the choice of powering through that or just give up. I chose to power through. That was the best decision that I made so far in regards to the diet.

Weight 181.4 down 14.2 lbs

Sleep: Sleep has been awesome. Before I started this, I wouldn’t sleep throughout the night at all. I would go to bed earlier because I knew that I wouldn’t sleep through until my alarm. Now, when I go to sleep, I’m out until my alarm or even a couple minutes before my alarm.

Training: Again, training didn’t change much. I’m on a 9 week training program through’s app BodySpace. Probably the best app out there as far as training programs. I’ve increased the amount of running during my cardio portion of my training instead of elliptical or fast paced walking.

Food Intake: It’s getting easier and easier to find foods that I like. It’s been easier to fast as well. A lot of times, I’m getting my macros in two meals where if I don’t find something to eat, I don’t need to eat because I’m not hungry. Breakfast has been a crustless Special-K quiche that I found at Costco. Lunch is still a salad for the most part.

Overall feel: Something that’s stuck with me throughout this journey has been it takes 22 days to make something a habit. Well, I’m at day 21. I feel amazing. The question that I’ve been asked is what’s next after this month? I have a few ideas, but I will save it for the recap at the end of the month. If you haven’t tried this, I’ll recommend it to anyone.

It’s seems to be a theme where I need to change my goal of weight. I didn’t change it last week, but now that I’m under 182 I need to change it. So for next Monday, my goal is to be 178. Also, I have been using the same scale at each weigh-in so I know it’s accurate as far as how much my weight has changed.

Again, thank you for all of the support as well as tuning in on a weekly basis!



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