Fantasy Football

G.O.A.T Debate

The debate about who is the Greatest of All Time has been a fixture in football circles forever. After the Patriots won Sunday, I saw a meme about saying Tom Brady is most accomplished while Aaron Rodgers is the most talented with a blurb about it being the real GOAT.


This is what frustrates me about this debate and I think it will always frustrate me. I, usually, keep my mouth shut on this topic because I love both quarterbacks. For me, the NFL changes so much throughout time. So when people talk about this, I always think that they should be talking about greatest of their generation.

Could Brady or Rodgers play in the Marino era? Could they play in the Bradshaw era? Could they play in the Starr era? Also, vice-versa. To me, I don’t think they could because of the way teams operated back then. So why would I consider them to be the greatest if they couldn’t play in every generation of football? To be fair, I don’t think the older generation of quarterbacks could play in this generation.

To be considered the greatest in each generation, you need stats, wins, rings and that “it” factor. For example, why isn’t Drew Brees ever considered to be the greatest? He only has one ring and has played on some crappy Saints teams. Why isn’t Ben Roethlisberger considered? Why isn’t Matthew Stafford considered? It’s because they each fail at least one of those factors. Tom Brady marks each of them as well as Aaron Rodgers. Tom has played on some pretty good teams, but the dude has been more consistent throughout his career than any other quarterback. Rodgers has checked them all of as well. What Rodgers has over Brady is how much he means to his team. Look at the year Brady missed. The team still went 11-5. When Rodgers misses, the Packers scramble. Some of it has to do with personnel (which is a whole other thing), but most of it is because of what Aaron Rodgers does on the field.

To me, they’re both the Greatest of All Time, but in their own way. Brady’s never been or will ever be able to do what Aaron Rodgers continues to do. Aaron Rodgers will also never replicate what Tom Brady has done throughout his career. I’ll let everyone else debate this topic while I sit back and admire what both are able to do.



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